First day we met in Manila Memorial Park when I have had a chance to visit Rico’s grave for the fourth time. Visiting him was already counted. So no matter what times I visit, it is how many times I could imagine this relationship to be in love.


Relationship started on 3:49 p.m. (May 8, 2013, Wednesday)


She called on my cellphone thinking if I have had a chance to prove for everyone that I have a girlfriend. Of course, my parents were in abroad for a paid-expenses trip in Europe in Monaco and Barcelona. But to tell you the truth, it was unexpectedly to be falling in love. She really gave a sign that she really liked me. And I’ve answered her back with a big yes. But the question, will the relationship grows healthy?


Day 1. (May 9, 2013, Thursday)


First day of being in love. First girlfriend. First of firsts. Everything was still okay. But the question in my heart, will I continue what I doing healthy for me? But telling the truth honestly, I don’t find my heart in this girl I really loved. Because this was not the girl I was about to make relationship. And it wasn’t difficult to fall in love.


Day 2. (May 10, 2013 Friday)


We’ve had conversations in long hours. My interests in writing have becoming not progressively. So my world came tumbling across the universe. She didn’t know the whole truth about me. She didn’t know what is the meaning of being a special adult. She was still clueless. Of course, my advocacy for now is to help special children to grow in their talents. And so I’ve also talents. Wish I can do anything for my dreams to prove my world.


Day 3. (May 11, 2013 Saturday)


My parents came home from Europe. And I was excited to see my own parents. I love them so much in my heart. But being in relationship makes difficult to me. My heartaches in my own heart sometimes tells me that I don’t know what to do. My own life stops breathing. In my own life, there’s a world of acceptance and achieving so many achievements already. But my dreams in the television and movies don’t stop me there. If I could stop my life with 24/7 in love, I could do so many things in my own life. Breathing in and out is really one of the hardest decisions in my life. But the world inside didn’t stop me there. I’ve still many dreams to do. But the big question, will my girlfriend understand my life what I am doing for now?


Day 4. (May 12, 2013 Sunday)


Mother’s day. My whole family minus my two siblings came celebrating mother’s day in korean restaurant. I still kept eating vegetables and less meat. I still kept eating without rice. And I still kept my health in zero tolerance in rice. If I go back eating in rice, I would eat two cups or three cups of rice. Because being having with Down syndrome really makes me heavier. If I go skipping meals is not a good idea. But I rather eat rice less, eat a lots of vegetables and less meat. My weight still kept me around 169 to 171 pounds. So it was playing around from that weight I’ve wanted. My weight last month was 180 pounds over. I was obese. Now if I could know my weight could be in Level 2 Overweight from my weight allowance. So I’ve discovered a secret for keeping your health. Eat lots of vegetables, eat less of meat and drink a lots of water. And don’t skip meals. Because meals are important for your diet’s needs. And so my relationship was still below the belt.



Day 5. (May 13, 2013 Monday)


My weight was now around 167-170 pounds. I achieved something so important. My mom knows my diet’s needs already. Because if I don’t have balanced meals, I won’t have a healthy life. My relatives, my elementary friends and including my grandparents knew my relationship already between my girlfriend and me. But I was still clueless what to do with my relationship with my girlfriend. My feelings towards in my family became full of doubts. They were telling me if I choose her. I will lose everything just for her. But if I choose my own way of living what to do in my life makes me stopping my desires to be an artist someday.


Day 6. (May 14, 2013 Tuesday)


It was important day for me.  My girlfriend and I spoke the whole morning, afternoon and nights also just to be with her. But the big question again, will this relationship last forever more? I lost my heart somewhere in this world already. I became clueless and nothing to do in my own life. It was still not healthy because my parents have still doubts towards of my girlfriend.


Day 7. (May 15, 2013 Wednesday)


Oh, no! I might be losing something important for the past days already. I lost the counts that I have to greet my relatives and my friends in facebook. It was something that I shouldn’t stop greeting someone in my own life. My dreams became shattering and everything was lost somewhere in the world I have today. But to tell the truth honestly, it was unexpectedly in my life that I have had a girlfriend.


Day 8. (May 16, 2013 Thursday)


I woke up late this morning again for the eighth time. I became sleepless in nights I was before. It made me worrier for my health to receive if I was doing okay. It was our first date for today with my girlfriend. We’ve been gone in SM North EDSA for window shopping. And she treated me. The question again, is the relationship healthy for me? When I came home late around 8:15 p.m., I came straight to my parents’ room. She asked me numerous questions what if the world tumbled to me with my girlfriend. So I stopped falling in love. And I’ve asked myself, when will I fall in love again. And to this count for this day, this was already a-not-serious relationship. But she really fell in love with me. And so I stopped thinking of her. My mother was right. And she knows better than everyone knows about me. Because I love my mom so much.




8 days relationship was not healthy relationship for me. And it counted this first girlfriend of mine was already a fling to me. I am not ready for making my own family for this present times. But the happiness inside of me is much important for me than my girlfriend is. Because I know myself. I know my happiness.


Lessons in 8 days relationship: A lot to learn!