My girlfriend and I were over already. We spoke in a minutes. I spoke in a well-mannered and soft conversation with her. So the life we used to have, our lives begin in a simple journey again.


After we’ve had 8 days relationship, my girlfriend and I still remain friends for just now. Maybe in the future, I will be learning some new lessons in my life about love stories. Love stories in the movies sometimes exists with hopeful romantic. But some of them are not existed. It’s true that “love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres.”


My sister told me about that. And it was my first time that my sister told me about that quote. Love is always waiting for me anywhere or everywhere I would go. Sometimes in life, you’ve to accept what’s the reality and what’s not. I hope it will come for me to find a-not-perfect girl just like my first girlfriend. She was one of the reasons why she could read about me.


When we were at the mall, my girlfriend and I’ve talked sex, but we were never wanted to do that. Unless she wants and I want it too. But my parents told me if I do something to her, then I would definitely leave the house and create my own living in different situation. Life being married sometimes takes advantages of being responsible in life. When you are responsible enough to take your family on your back, you would find different lessons in life. I find it hard for me. Because relationship for me is barely new and we’ve had only 8 days relationship. What’s that enough? I just waited in my entire life. But to tell you the truth, it tells something valuable in my life that we have to find ourselves in a different situations.


I just came back in reality again. I barely miss some of my writings already. From literature, my love story and even my life story, it tells you how to get stronger each day and how you find your own happiness in each way of your road you are walking on. Besides, my life being ordinary and being having with Down syndrome is not an exceptional. I, like anybody else would do, am also an ordinary human who would do your own activities in life.


People love me very much. And I love my relatives, my friends, my high school teacher and everything in my life accordingly. To tell you the truth honestly, I am happy again and back with a big happy smile in my grin. I barely lost in my way when I have relationship already.


Today, it’s back to reality again. Games for fun, I play only one application game in facebook and that’s farming. And it’s Farm Town. It’s not actually a fun game. But you will find it your way. I find farming in reality makes you profitable for your farmers to do in your farm. Well mostly some of my one hour of playing game in facebook makes me relaxing. But playing in longer hours makes you addicted. You will never do your own responsibility.


My weight now is getting me on my list. I weigh 164 pounds after I’ve gone from the rest room. Last month, I over weigh about 180 pounds. After I’ve called my own health consultant, it was the time to say goodbye to my weight.


Life is hard. So don’t waste it enough to take on your own back. Try to learn many things in life being responsibility. And friends are there for me. Little by little in my life, I have good girl friends in my life. They are not my girlfriends. But they are true listeners whenever I have my own problems. They listen carefully for me and support me. Whenever I have friend, I value each of them. I have few crushes where my friends were trying me to put me into relationship with my crush. But she dumped literally. That was okay. Because she still was my friend.


Whenever my own life is back now, I can do my stuff free anything I would do. Free what I love to do. But watching television series makes me something that I missed. Because whenever I watch, I love to write it down the short synopsis. Being not as a good writer but I love to write is more anything I could do in my life. I may never get paid for anything for the articles. It’s just purely my passion in writing. Anything that falls in my dreams will do accordingly. And I still love my life today whenever I am doing right now.


For my first fling relationship with my girlfriend, I still love you as a friend no matter what. Because friends are more important for me. And I put God in my life before my worries do.