I haven’t get into real job yet. But as soon I’ve accepted the deal being having with Down syndrome, it was the fate that chose me to go to.


I have mosaic Down syndrome like most of mosaics do a lot common. But some of us can’t do anything like similarities. Well mostly some of myself can’t do. I can draw. I can sing. I can write. I can even walk. But I am surely can talk. When I was younger, I’ve had a hard time to talk in straight in english. Like most of you can do and some of others won’t. Trisomy 21 Down syndrome is a different pattern in genetically disorder issues. I’ve met few people in my life when I joined Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines. That was when I’ve decided to add my advocacy to help special children to reach their talents.


My talents were sometimes a little different. Because some of you don’t notice what are my talents. I could be an artist. Drawing a lot of occasions in different patterns makes me part of growing up. And I remembered my most important of my life was the drawing of the sun. It was difficult at first learning that stage of knowing what to do in your talents. Maybe a little of perspective of your kid might have a chance to grow in their talents.


Now I am facing the fact, that I want to join as a teacher like my teachers did it to me. I learned so much well from them. If I’ve never been in occupational therapy, physical therapy or speech therapy, what would the field will choose me? Chef, maybe. Because I chose that field to learn of all nutrition of all meals. And of course, I didn’t regret choosing culinary course. Because I learned the knowledge of culinary and the basic concepts of culinary was. Artist, maybe. There was a little chance if I was given to graduate in First Academy of Computer Arts. But there was always given me a wrong decisions in my life.


Maybe this was a guess. An artist. Yes, I love the face of being an artist. Being an artist makes different from all the aspects in life. It can learn you from different perspective views or animate the feelings of a human. Well like most of the animators do are to create some humans involving with the things they can work it to. I guess if I make it right the good views.


A singer if I was given a chance with a good voice. Unlikely, I don’t have a beautiful voice. But I have beautiful talent writing lyrics of a song. Maybe for a lyricist for example, I can make different tunes for a song. Well most of the composers and lyricists did that for their field.


And of course, I’ve given a chance what to do in my life is to be a teacher. In the past, I always want it to be as a teacher. But most likely of the teachers do came from the education they have. From early childhood education, special education course, or being as a teaching course you would like to take it. But I don’t have teaching background. So I am ready to take a challenge to be part of teaching a class.


Special education is what I am aiming to teach about. Because this is where I learn so many different lessons. From the fact I learned how to read properly, how to speak properly, how to respect properly and every lessons you can make it the special children grow in their talents. And now my advocacy will start in special education. And I will make it happen to teach this children how to prompt their duties in their lives.


Teaching is the most profession in any countries. If you don’t have teacher or professor in your school, what would you can learn from them if you don’t know what are the principles of being as a teacher? Teacher is a remarkable position you can handle it to. Like I want it to make discuss what’s the down syndrome looks like. Some of my teachers were still in my facebook. And one high school teacher I knew in my life was very sweet to me. Because I was sweeter to make her good to me.


I hope the school I am applying to will simply going without a mistake. I want to dedicate myself as a teacher if I want it to make happen. This is a small step of my journey as a teacher before going something bigger step if it will make something bigger dreams.


And I was very proud of where I’ve been gone from my school. My journey as a student before ended. And now my journey as a teacher will make it something smaller to take. Teach them with your unconditional love you have. I love myself and I want it share in the world something smaller. Smaller dreams are sometimes a bigger opportunities to grab. But opportunities will grow eventually from your heart.