Back to school again starts on the second week of June. Well at least the traffic anywhere will get jam before you are going to your work. Mostly in the society needs a job to sustain their financial. Once you sustain the financial, it will pay for your children’s workload at school.


I was in my early 30’s already thinking of how I survived the workload of being a student in the school. I missed a lot of workload at school. I’ve usually got a workload of I.W.s (individual work), home works, school projects and take home quizzes. Of course when the exam came, the studying of burden of three long hours burned my mind to get a higher grade.


But back before when I was in high school, I wasn’t a type of a student who would get serious into studies. I wrote and wrote most of my time writing of my literature. And some of them I’ve made sent to my lovely friends I have. But none of them became my girlfriend. Only crushes. I have one dozen crushes back before during my elementary days to my high school days. But the next crushes I have was in my college days.


Then again, I am wondering if I go back to the school again. But this time I won’t be a student, I will be a teacher. I just want to help students to carry their workload at school and their talents in what they are capable doing must improve in their future. I have said to myself that maybe someday I will be going back to the school. Not as a student but I will be a teacher. Teacher is not as easy job as easy does to do.


What’s a teacher does teaching? He or she could be a homeroom teacher managing the class of his or her own class. If it’s an assistant teacher, it would be assisting the homeroom teacher managing the class or help the workload of student’s assignments. Well mostly some of the students in the school have priority to study well.


In my opinion, back to school is the most interesting topic when it comes that school will be starting in a few weeks after the summer ends. Maybe some of the students don’t want the summer end because of their fun and excitement ends at the end of their summer. But from me, going back to school is fun to study lessons because everyday is a learning day of each lesson you will be teaching. It may not as easy as a teacher, but teacher has a long patience to teach the children well. If the teacher doesn’t have a long patience of his or her class, maybe the whole class will shut in their lips off. Because sometimes I felt the same way teachers respected to each of student.


I remembered my teacher was really mad and furious. Each of the student in the class gave a recitation to be given a grade. But if the student failed to do give an answer in recitation, the student will bring an assignment to his or her home. Hmm…what a shame. But that was the life of being as a student and a teacher. Because teacher was second parents to students where in the class have to study well properly in their behavior and their studying as well. I missed my school before where I grew up as a best student but not as a good. But I was given as an improvement student from elementary school to high school.