Dreams are sometimes hope. And hope is everlasting promise you would do for your own good. Well I finally got a new job that enlisting new description in my resume. Sometimes when I make a wish, I make a good wish if I could do my job very well.


In the past, my hopes to be chef literally gone. But my knowledge was still there. It wasn’t enough that I got experiences from my job description. As a chef before, a lot of pressure came into me. I mean – a whole lot. My relatives asked me if I can cook for them. But deeper inside of my thoughts, I never thought or crossed at the back of my mind that I would do that for them. I lack of executing. And executing means practicing. Where could you get a skills when you have already in your own skills?


I may be not intelligent as Brina Maxino. But my heart tells me something important more. In the past, I always told   myself that I could never done anything. I always want what I needed for most of the time – to be my own skills. And skills that I have, drawing, writing, singing (maybe), or doing a lot of activities. Maybe I was not so sure about multi-tasking before. I love my life. And life to me teaches how to control your activities and your lifestyle.


Brina Maxino was like me. But upon from her, she was a valedictorian in her class during her high school time. Now she is entering a college. I may be have accomplishments, but she have what it takes to be as a special child. I know sometimes that I don’t accept myself in the past. Hoping someday I would do something just like Brina. Maybe Brina and I could do anything for the accomplishments. But my milestones is getting ready to add some more blessings in my life.


Last year I’ve joined Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. But before that year, I’ve already accepted the fact that I was different from the rest of the society – as a special adult. I have mosaic Down syndrome. And my age is already in my early 30’s. And so to hear Brina Maxino last year, I was amazed when I saw her the last 20th Happy Walk during my birthday on February 19, 2012. It was Sunday. And I’ve told my dad if he can invite some of his friends along side with me. Maybe just a little big change. I guess. But that is predictable. It can happen anytime.


Accomplishment to another accomplishment, I’ve done any particular accomplishment in my life from last year and to this year. Last December during Christmas party of DSAPI, I finally have had my first DSAPI ID. To tell you the truth honestly, it was something that my angels was telling me where I could find some good community just like this. Well, here what I got some more blessings to come.


To added from my accomplishments, it was my first time in my life that I’ve completed the paper requirements for getting a new job: barangay clearance, four certificates of TESDA training of call center agent and fundamental of computer applications, certificate of communication skills training program and a certificate in culinary, community tax certificate (or cedula), SSS, medical record and NBI clearance. My police clearance got an expiry ahead of time. It was only two months valid. And the results of making complete for my paper requirements. I already got a new job.


My new job was assisting special children in Reaching Our Children for the King or ROCK Integrated School where I landed my new job. Thanks for the effort that I already got my complete paper requirements. And added to my lessons in my life – never get a girlfriend when you are not ready. I lack precisely to get a girlfriend. And my first girlfriend was just a paper. She was my fling. My first girlfriend that I’ve ever had. It was only 8 days relationship. And it ended so soon. I wasn’t a type of a guy who would get to know dilly-dallying for the purposes to have a girlfriend. I never wanted that.


And of course, my journey as an assistant teacher became my part of new life. And I hope more blessings will come in my door and keep knocking if it’s real or not. Sometimes when a door you’ve answered, it was a fluke or a fake that is.


Life as a special adult makes me extraordinary person and I am always proud of who I am and what I am excel to my skills and my talents.” – quoted from Itsmikki Studio


What will be my life tells me next? Should I come to open the door? Or should I not to open the door? It always tell me some surprise questions just like in mock interview questions or critical thinking questions in contact centers. Hmm…but I like the new sound of my new job. And the new description for my new job will unlock more opportunities in the future. I’ve never dreamt to be as a teacher. But God places me to this type of job description. And I hope this opportunity will last for me. I’ve always be what I’m always aiming for – to be the best of who I am.


And my new song I’ve created last week was undeniably challenging me to memorize the lyrics I’ve made. Wish someone can sing that song for me. Maybe Dingdong Avanzado or Gary Valenciano would do the honor to sing for this song. It’s called, My Angels Do in Your Heart. That song is dedicated to the special children that included me in that song. I love the rhythm and the beat of the song I’ve create. I’ve been always humming to that tune. I don’t have piano or any instrument. But I can tell it will be a song for this generation. And I will get you a sample for the last lyrics of my song:


…what else my angels do in everyone’s heart.


I love the lyrics so much. I don’t know why I always keep humming and singing the song I’ve created. Maybe I have to re-edited or to play for the tune. Hmm…if I only have an instrument, I could play a better song for the cause  of special children. And I hope my foundation will get to this project of this song.


Oh, it’s taking me so long to write an article again. It is too long again. I fall in love again with writings. Oh, I love what to write and to write. More articles please? Sounds interesting. Yes, I will write soon again.