The M word

The M word

There are many words in the world that you should not know to mention such as the N word in American countries, the R word also in America or in any countries as well and the bad habit of the M word for all over the world.


Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI talked about the past rumors of the M word. It was a ridiculous for most of the educated and uneducated people in the entire of the Philippines or in short of Filipinos. We, Filipinos, don”t want to hear such a horrible words. Bullying, in fact, was almost everywhere.


When I was a kid, I can hear some of my school mates or some of my classmates calling me the “sped” word. It means in English dictionary as “retarded.” Shame of those new words as well. But the time I grew up in high school, I learned that I have, in fact, as a down syndrome. Little did I know that the world needed to know a little lessons to be careful what you have to call your neighbors a bad names.


There are mostly discriminative cases in the world. Like bullying, for example, is mostly some of the cases in the school involved or in the public cases. In the Philippines alone, there are many homeless or they shall be called as the alien outsiders. They are many shanty homes in the wide areas in Manila, Quezon City and some of the places I know about. I didn’t know about this when I’ve graduated in college where I studied in culinary arts.


After I joined the organization a year ago last February 2012 in the event of DSAPI, the 20th Happy Walk. I celebrated my birthday during that day. I was enjoying the whole program from the start to finish. But I wish that my mom would join next time in 22nd Happy Walk next year in February 2014. I became a member last December 2012. And the rain of blessings poured me from last year to this year. I’ve enjoyed my stay in UST where I was a guest speaker for special education of hopeful graduates to become a special education teacher.


I, like myself, don’t have experience of much about of special education course in any kind of schools. But I’ve recently joined as a teacher where I’ve been working in Cainta Greenpark Village, Reaching Our Children for the King or R.O.C.K. Integrated School. Yesterday was my first day of work in the school. My strengths as a teacher would be in the field of Arts, Music, Science and History. But my highest attainment in my life was able to graduate in a certificate in culinary arts.


This wasn’t in my dream list to become a teacher. And as a teacher as well was a noble profession in any kind of jobs in the field as well. When you need to become one, you need a serious job. This is my small steps in success in my life today.


Back to the issue of the M word where you should not say to any kind of serious in-demand cases that sought in this generation. Pardon me for this back log cases. There were many cases before. I’ve heard from the E-Boy television series in ABS-CBN saying that the kid was calling the M word to another kid. But that was unjustly timed scripting from the scriptwriter. Excuse me, scriptwriter, next time you should be carefully what to use the exact word. And of course the R word or the A word also, don’t also include in the script.


There was also one case from Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago where she called politicians as the M word. Excuse me, madam, but you are not supposed to call the politicians the M word, the A word or the R word. It’s abusive behavior if you are speaking in the public television and the whole nation as well.


And the last offensive behavior came from the so-called social network, the Facebook. Excuse me, Mark Zuckerburg, but you are allowing these people not to use the abusive words such as the N word, the A word, the R word, the M word or any kind of abusive words that wasn’t allowed to use in the social platform network.


Last two weeks ago, the DSAPI organization again was gaining some noise from this situations. Don’t use the M word for your business. Excuse me, moderators of your business of Monggi Productions. Please allow me to shout the names of your business. The name you are using is outrageous beyond the borders already. The M word whether is spell in short cut names, or any kind of unfamiliar names are just impurity in our organization. Your business of your productions are not exempted in this society. The names who owned this company were Pepe Fernandez, Em Pong, Bern Rodil, Mykk You, Jessie Brian Nardo and Erik Lauron Cupino. Sorry to call out your names because your business is not exempted.


I am not sensitive as the others as well. But I was a victim before. And now, I become a victim again for your own cause. Drop your business. Or so God will forgive you if you arrange the name drop from your business. Your materials and your jobs are not exempted also because you are allowing yourself to use the name of the short cut names.


The Philippines government and the society should know about this. Don’t allow yourself others to be a victim about this. I, myself, was always a victim about this M word. When somebody was telling a story about “ngongo,” I’ve heard it was also an abusive behavior. Because I’ve passed the stage from there.


Allow me to say this. “Don’t do to others if you are not doing any good behavior to others as well.” Mainly because some of the uneducated and educated society should know about this example. If you are really sorry for your behavior, do it in an appropriate good manners and good conducts.


And for the last time, this world should know about this good example from this country of how many cases were not resolved in any kind of matters. As in, any means necessarily, don’t do anything bad manners.