Yes, it is the new beginnings. This is already the Life: New Unveiled already. The book of Life Diary has already closed. And the new book has already open to a new chapter.


I made some excellent progress from this year. After I’ve had applied a passport on my own last January, I also went to an Angels Walk also last January. And the recent 21st Happy Walk held on February 24, 2013, I also went. And the good news on this start of 1st quarter was I already have had a PWD identification card last March.


April was a new beginning also for me. I’ve started to have my own nutrition planning for my ideal weight. In the past years of my life, I’ve always gain some weight and some year I was also thinner. Now, as a mature special adult, my nutrition needs a little extra effort – with a health consultant. I’ve asked someone in the group of DSAPI who was asking for a free service of health assessment.


And the good news was that I lost 17 pounds from original weight of 180 on the last day of March. And now, I weighed 17 pounds lighter from my original weight. Now I am planning to have my own nutrition needs. When it comes to eating habits, I’ve changed my eating habits from bad to good. Which it was that I’ve no longer eating rice since the first day of April. And the way of changing lifestyle was improving for me. I’ve eating vegetables first then the last would be the less meat. So your stomach will cleansing easily from your body when you’re eating vegetables first then the last would be the less meat.


What would happen if you change the routine of eating habits? For example, if you are eating in a buffet, don’t choose the meal first. Always choose the salad routine first, then I’ve always choose the fish. Beef would take you off your stomach in one month to digest. Same goes also for the pork, it would stay for two weeks.


Digestion in your body needs the vegetables first, then the last would be the meat or fish. Fish would really take you off in a matter of days or even hours if you add your activity with 30 minutes of walk.


Okay, I stop right there with my nutrition factors. Let’s move to another subject.


My another subject would be my experiences from my ex-girlfriend. Didn’t I tell you about my past articles about 8 days relationship? And also the article of Not a good relationship?


It happened to me very fast. When some girl was surprisingly wants your answer with a simple yes, you would delivered your mouth to say yes eventually. I’ve dropped my mouth with a word of yes. It started on May 8. And the last day of our relationship have ended on May 16. Yes, so it was exactly 8 days of relationship. It was a bad move from me.


But the truth from my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, this is my confession to my fellow readers. I’m not made for ready in relationship. It was a fluke. Yes, it is sort of a rebound of relationship. Or maybe I was wrong to explain about relationship. She was like a lightning coming from nowhere. There she stood half across to my vision, she said that she really liked me when we were firstly met. Then at first, I was really curious why I’ve ended up saying with an answer of yes.


Maybe I wasn’t delighted to say yes. Instead, I felt with a mixture of overjoyed and reactions of confusion. It was really like a lightning that sparked with a single yes. But in the end of the day of your relationship, for her was hardest to accept that I was really breaking up with her smoothly. No matter many times I’ve said I won’t longer to see you, she always said to me that she needed to confront me if I was really breaking up with her. She was confused. She may end up with me as a friend at the end of the conclusion day. Hmm…it was really hard for her. Because she was a lady.


Before I coped up ending our relationship, I saw a post from directory of listed schools in DSAPI. There was an instant walk-in conclusion at the end of the day of our relationship. I was really hurt for me because I really wanted the relationship to end so soon. My boss said that he posted the day before the elections, May 13 as he said. May 21 was my walk-in applying for anything position I really needed for my new job.


I was really jobless in 8 years from the last time of my real job on November 2005. But my loading business started few months later on the last days of June 2006. The fate went down for me. There was a time for my depression and frustrated. I went back to my dreams focusing to my drawings and writings.


It took me 8 years going to have a job again for this year of 2013. I went to 7 years and 7 months of being jobless and I was stuck in my loading business for almost 7 years. I went ups and downs. None of them I went back on my own. Then I started to grow my hair longer when I was still in depression mood of times.


When I started to cut my long hair 3 years ago, I went back to study again in digital arts – to study about the Adobe After Effects application. I’ve already studied about the basics and advanced of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design, Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Flash. And so the story unfolded.


I lost twice of my usb because of twisted fate being as an artist. Because of that, I really need badly the certificate in digital arts. I became impatient. So I jumped into networking band of UNO where I learned from my distant relative about DSAPI. But I only did for that for a purpose – breaking up with my frustrations and depressions.


On the brighter side, blessings started to pour rain from when I joined the 20th Happy Walk last February 2012. Then someone in DSAPI Sibling Group came to invite me becoming a guest speaker in UST for a short inspirational talk. Yes, it was exactly a Monday, November 19, 2012 to be exact as I’ve remembered. Then the christmas party and the thanksgiving party came later when I joined the events.


I was really curious about these kids and adults with Down syndrome. I didn’t know that I wasn’t alone. There was really new for me last year. Many of you didn’t know me and some of you knew me because of my articles I wrote in the past.


Now back where I said from being jobless, one of the two bosses said that I have to expect their call. I sent my first copy of my resume together with other detailed documents last May 18, Tuesday. My fate as a jobless person came surprisingly after a week.


May 24, Monday around 11:45 in the morning, someone was calling from my cellphone. I was playing the facebook application game of Farm Town when someone was calling my cellphone. And so I hurriedly changed my clothes and went there for 10-15 minutes before the time of exact of interview time.


When I was there before 1 pm, my heartbeat pumped so fast and I was really nervous. And there it came a boss who was an occupational therapist going towards me. He was really looking down for me. And in my heart alone was breaking up gently into a slow motion. He came out from the office going to the classroom. Then he came in again for interviewing me. I wasn’t hesitated to ask anything. He said if I could do a job as an assistant teacher and a place where I can cook. But my practices towards culinary, I went off from 8 years. Of course, I have touch some chef’s knife from time to time when I was in the mood wanting to practice again. But in school cooking for the kids, I was really nervous.


He said if I could an inspirational person for the parents, he would really gave me a slot. And there I was really happy. I was an assistant teacher.


Now I’m on my third week of being job as an assistant teacher starting on Monday with real classes on June 17. And I got my half of my salary of the month. I wasn’t really expecting about the salary. What I am aiming for my job is my performance in the school as an assistant teacher, a part-time load retailer / entrepreneur, a supposed-to-be-called writer and a part-time cook at the kitchen. Wrap it into one if I can really make it to a multi-tasking job. Hmm…it was really hard for me on the start.


Once I roll the dice into many times, maybe I will not count the dice anymore if it will fits my job into four descriptions in my life.


And of course, there will be a new page and a new chapter in a few days. This is the end of my first article of my second book – Life: New Unveiled.