Little world with bigger dreams sometimes wondered in your head why I was still doing the right way. Oh yes, the God’s grace is a surprise for me. At this time, it is already 2 months already.


What did I get a such blessing? A heartwarming big welcome new job came in to my world – as an assistant teacher. It was started last two months. Despite my heartbreak with my first fling girlfriend last May 16, I’ve stepped out from my comfort zone and went looking out for a job. It was rainy day. And it was all about heartbreak aches that ruined me.


My girlfriend and I went smoothly in a few days earlier probably before my parents came home from Europe. Until when they came home, they found out that I’ve had my first girlfriend. It was my girlfriend insisted to call me as honey pie. And I’ve answered her with a big yes. It was humid afternoon in May 8 around 3 pm. Then few days later, my parents came home. Instead of a big delight from their eyes, my mom started to speak that we should be getting know each other in my house. Well, it’s literally one of the basic relationship. My sisters’ boyfriends always was at our home when they were really falling in love and talked in hours and hours. Maybe that was a good relationship.


Instead of giving me a big yes, a little days over came disaster. My mom said that I’ve to give up her or maybe she will give up me instead. So I’ve agreed with her. Then it was May 16, 2 pm afternoon. I’ve said to my girlfriend, this time was over. My heart torn a little pieces into thousand broken letters. I’ve assumed that my girlfriend and I’ve to go on a little time between of us. It was then I realized she was really taking me advantage. Despite that I’ve had my special case, and she really knew about me. She really fell in love for the first time in her life. She said to me that I was her a first serious relationship in her life despite of her numerous boyfriends before.


Hmmm…if I could be assuming about her, why would I be afraid to take a risk to have a girlfriend like her. It is something I’ve wanted to feel what society also feels the same relationship.


I’ve attended Nick Vujicic’s day at SM Mall of Asia on May 20, 2013. And that was Monday, after a week of elections. I’ve something to fulfill my day with my excitement. It was then I realized it was also important for me to attend one of coolest person to meet in the world whether you were a disability or not.


Then after a day I’ve attended, I walked in the Stand and Walk Therapy Center / Reaching Our Children for the King Integrated School on the sweetest day of my life. That was May 21, 2013. And it was Tuesday. I’ve sent my few requirements for my resume. And the guy I’ve spoken of was the part-owner of the school. He said to me that I’ve to expect a call from them after a week.


After a week, I’ve expected a good call. It was three days ago that I went for a job searching in SM Megamall job fair. But all the calls I’ve received later on I’ve said to them. I’ve already got a great job. Allaine, their secretary and the youngest staff, called me that I’ve to be there in 1 pm. That was May 27, 2013, Monday morning before the lunch break started. So I’ve got a chill in my bones and nervous that I was. I went there with my best attire I came in. I’ve worn a brown polo shirt with a matching brown pants. So the other part-owner came in and interviewed me. He said that I was in for their team. He gave me a position for assistant teacher for Teacher Jana. Teacher Jana was the special education teacher. And I was her an assistant teacher, a perfect fit for a role to special children.


I was delighted a big smile. I met them with a big heartwarming community. I met wonderful people. Big heart for a small school to start was already a new beginning for me. It was one of my dreams before that I’ve chose this for a job like this. How wonderful dreams may ever come true like this?


Then week after, I’ve started to get in my new job – as an assistant teacher. I came in at the school on June 3, 2013 for starting a half day in the afternoon. But my time card said, I’ve started on June 4, 2013, Tuesday for my new job.


“To begin a new day, it was surprising a heartwarming great job I’ve ever received.”


Yes, I really loved my job. Starting for this day, it was already two months I’ve started my job as an assistant teacher and a livelihood chef where I was cooking in the livelihood section. I was in the livelihood for the whole day. But in the afternoon, I’ve stepped in the classroom and enjoyed with smiling and angelic faces of special children.


“Laugh all the way you can do the best for your students, and it will bring back the laughter at the end of the day.”


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