“One hundred smiles sometimes can send a thousand letters or even millions over in a globe population. But with a single smile can make you a big difference – with a killing smile of an extra chromosome (down syndrome).” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I, sometimes with a big heart, read a lot now and then aside from my story. Little by little in my life, I’ve started to know better with a lot stories from many families who have their child with Down syndrome, or other some cases.


I’ve handled three kids with Down syndrome. Two of them were boys and one was the little girl. Gabe was a sweetheart kid who have had sometimes making some noises to attract teachers. Because he was too excited to see some other kids interacting with him. He was one of the oldest who have had Down syndrome in the class I was assisting in the afternoon special education classes.


When I first met Alfred at the therapy center, I was glad to meet him. Because he was adorable. He reminds me when I was at his age. I taught him a little move I knew when I was a kid. And that was his hands reversed and his fingers were in his cheeks – more like giyomi style. But it was one of the oldest moves I’ve got from my friends and my cousins as well. Alfred was also behaving in the class.


The last and not at least was the little girl with Down syndrome was Gabbie. She was really cute. She really loved how to make-up for her face. Since her nanny taught her how to make-up, it was still cute for her. I’ve even know that her mother was a doctor. It was the same goes to Gabe because Gabe’s mother was also a doctor. Gabbie was turning year old by next Friday. But I didn’t know their ages so much. Because I don’t have profiles about them.


If I only have their profiles, I would even know their profiles as well.


At the other side as an assistant teacher, I would be likely to become a freelance writer someday. I don’t have funds for it. But I am planning to buy first – a new brand cellphone. Over the past years, I don’t have a stable job just to buy a new cellphone. In that case, I would buy a new cellphone next month or maybe next to months. It all depends to a matter for my salary. And I hope all goes well.


My two bosses really liked my performance well both in livelihood and in the class where I was assisting for special children in afternoon classes. Hopefully my two bosses would come up adding a new Grade 1 next year. We only have had preschool and alternative learning system (special education classes). It all depends in God’s time and in God’s blessings also.


Their routine became added and added. And it also same goes to me. Hopefully it will be remarkable in all ways of life.


Once you get out from your shell, it all goes in a normal way of living way of being independent.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


After two months of stable job, I’ve finally reached a new record of employment. It is a huge blessing for me to have a new job in a perfect time. My two bosses liked me that much. Me and two of them were in the same bracket of age. We’ve shared the likes in music, fashion and everything we know in life. Now that includes from our generation before about candies and food as well.


Adding from that, the huge blessing I got from this year’s resolution was that I’ve finally reached my new year resolution. It was the number one new year resolution – to adjust my weight forming back to my ideal weight. And I’ve reached it. I was even more happier. This morning I’ve weighed 151.4 pounds. And I was even more happier because I’ve maintaining my weight now and then everyday. If I did this before, I would be feeling more happier. But that was before. You have a bit to change yourself for a year.


One small step sometimes gets closer for you reaching your goal.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


And I’ve formally formed my studio to its new name – ItsMikkiStudio Literature or IMS Ltre. But the original name was still there as Itsmikki Studio. If I’m abbreviating the name for IS, it would be sounds different. But if I’ve added, it would became a new name. Ltre means literature, sounds like Ltd from Limited. It sounds like the same, but sooner or later, I would become adding a new department under Itsmikki Studio from ItsMikkiStudio Literature.


It was all because of hardworking I’ve worked through the years. It was started years before when I started to write but there was having hard time for me with no trade name yet. I’ve given a second chance to write again a year ago in a new blog platform site. Blogging is like something you have given to write something you would come up to write. But for me, I gave my site to a new different level to name after my youtube account.


The original name was Mikki where I was using the name over the years I was playing in Ragnarok Online, Khan Online, RAN Online, Perfect World and last but not the least was Flyff Online. The name after I’ve used, it stuck in my head and formed after my deviantart.com. Then it became mikki90.deviantart.com officially because of my portfolio from traditional and digital age. Then another one was from my youtube account, itsmikki. From this date of March 16, 2012 last year, the launching of my studio name was finally commercializing to its new name – Itsmikki Studio. The domain name I’ve maintained lasted only from June 2012 until February 2013. I’ve didn’t manage to continue it because I don’t have a financial basis from my financial stability.


My facebook page I’ve created for Itsmikki Studio launched last year, July 2, 2012. It turned a year older last month for my fan page anniversary where I’ve maintained my business ventures. My twitter account for Itsmikki Studio also turned a year old last month, July 16, 2012.


But the success growth for my business ventures in writing is still there up to its new date and updates regularly. I’ve even now complying to continue my writing to this month of August. Last two months I’ve worked for my two hardworking early months. Now I’ve successfully continuing my job as an assistant teacher and also being as a writer for my studio business ventures. Next month, I’m planning to write more because I will be going to fly to Toronto.


Toronto is a new place to write my writing basis paying months. And I’m planning to get a new bank account where I can get my basic pay from my writing career. Even though I am still part of my job as an assistant teacher for handling special education kids. Kids are important for me. They are part for my backbone of my hardworking job.


Now I am aiming to a new height – to become another history. Like Nick Vujicic said, “no matter what you are, whether you have disability or not, you are still a blessing from God and use it properly in time. And blessings will come knocking in your doors and open it wisely even you are wise or not.” That was what he said in the front of the audience.


I was shocked to what he said. I am inspired from him. And also being part of the history, I also want adding to my life if I can still make up to my dreams – as an actor in the entertainment industry as well. And eventually in the future, I will be gladly to help the economy for the entertainment industry and tourism industry as well. Because of that, I will love to help and cater for the people’s needs in our country as well.


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