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It was one of my hardest to cope with challenging chapters – to accept my dilemma to able accept my condition was. Yes, it may be sounds weird and it sounds interesting too.


Question (Itsmikki Studio): What is it like to have condition like me?

My Answer (MA): I really don’t know how to deal Down syndrome, of my story really. But to tell you the truth, I’ve never feels so happy through the years.


IS: If you want to be happen a politician, where do you want to run and why?

MA: If I want to be a politician, I will never run if I may answer that. Next question please.


IS: Why next question, you should be answering my question?

MA: Maybe in my province or where I was been raised, I could be a councilor or lower position. But I would mind helping people who have greater needs.


IS: Okay, let me push to the next question. If you want to be what do you want to grow up, what would you really like to be someday?

MA: I would probably pursuing my dreams both in photography about volcanoes and go and act like an entertainer someday. Because that is what it makes happily I want to go to.


IS: Why?

MA: It is one that I will contribute in the country to able help other with greater needs.


IS: Good luck with that. I hope I will meet you soon.

MA: Thanks.


IS: One more thing, what would you say to fellow readers?

MA: Follow whatever in your heart that says your true happiness, just follow and you can shine for your opportunities.



Itsmikki Studio is one of the pioneering names I can come up with this kind of names and it’s unique. How I found out that this is unique. Hmm…it’s hard to explain. Let me browse you my previous articles and just read the previous articles. It will find out how you really like my articles written well and versed.


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One of the challenging roles now I am facing about – being as an assistant teacher. Assistant teacher, whether I like or not, is one of toughest roles I’ve accept in my life. But in that case, I’ve never dream really in my life being as an assistant teacher handling children with special needs or greater needs in short.


What I really about as an assistant teacher? Assisting special children with angelic and charming in their smiles sometimes melts your sadness away each and every day. I feel I am around with them. With energetic they have, I also feel the energetic from them. It may sounds weird but it sounds really fun to work as an assistant teacher.


My dilemma right now is how to juggle my career as a writer, traditional artist, a novelist and being part as an assistant teacher. I also have my part having with my business in cellphone loading almost already in 8 years, one month and five days old.


Doing my part in my happiness is also helping to ease my sadness away. Meaningless that I say, after I broke up with my first fling ex-girlfriend last May 16, it may sounded weird to me but it contributed a reversal psychological answer. That reversal psychological answer was finding something to exchange having a work somewhere else. Because assisting special children found my way to surprise parents, helping them to encourage and catering the greater needs with that condition. My work as an assistant teacher is simply amazing to me.


I like doing right now to write about positive, less opportunity to think about negative issues. But the last time I wrote about negative issue was from the section of Driven News being written last month. So much to say is less than to talk about. I don’t bring up another issue again. It may eat my pride or my positivity sides will be gone to negativity sides.


Aside from being having my first experience with my ex-girlfriend, I’ve realized that it was time to let it go. And she found easily another man just to fall for her. Easy to say for a lady like her, because the last I saw her was her happiness before I broke up with her.


With the withered smile she have had with me before, it was another fruitful evidence in my life that I’ve encountered love life in a short period of time. Hmm…sounds negative to me, but in the other sides, it is normally saying it’s the only life driven after you.


When I entered working with new environment of teaching these smiling special children was simply heavenly and angelic. They are angels to me. Three of kids have Down syndrome and the rest have autism. Hmm…if I am correct or not, some of them have cases I still don’t know up to now to its date today. Hopefully in the future, I will be gladly to help these kind of special children – as an inspiration motivation speaker someday if I may added in my aspiration dreams.


One of my best encounter in my aspiration dreams is coping of my dilemma with a curious case of Down syndrome. I found late when I was in sophomore year in high school. Learning from genetics, it was really hard in the start, now that I learned well throughout the years from my experiences. It is one of my fruitful of happiness years.


“Let it be bygone have to be bygones already. Let go of your sadness years from you. Create new ones and start daily of your activities have positive sides. Don’t be afraid to take your future ahead of you and start practicing by now. And all the answers will wait for you patiently in times of needed. Time will heal and eventually become your blessings.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


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