Every chromosomes count in every kid or adult with Down syndrome that they have to know with blessings in life.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


With many normal possibilities in life, sometimes we all know ourselves in different religions, cultures, nations and also part of our history that we all have capabilities in life. Like me, for example, is a big opportunity in life when I am part writing in my history about what I can do.


Being as an assistant teacher is a big opportunity for me. I didn’t expect to come bigger role in life. When I was started in my work, I usually encountered with big possibilities in life – to become a role model in each that I have had handling special children with autism, ADHD and Down syndrome. Well, in my part, I have Down syndrome. I don’t hold my hindrance to become part of it. I’ve accepted the whole situation in my life now.


Let’s rewind in my past. I was intimidating my whole life being having hindrance to become my part of my life in the past. I didn’t accept myself of who I was to be. For being part written in my life, I’ve whole-heartedly accepted to become part of one. I’ve read an article which it is the 8 people with Down syndrome who are making history. Here’s the link below:


8 People with Down syndrome Who Are Making History



I’ve read the whole part of an article every time I read all about. Then I wonder and realize and asked myself, “Am I still dreaming or is it possible that I can become to be part of them?” That is where I have to start thinking at the back of my head that I could be one of them. I could be the 9th or somewhere there in the article. I have no idea. But to be part of the history, my boss said that I really could be one of them who could be inspired the whole nation here in the Philippines.


I’ve met Brina Maxino who is the brightest student graduated in her alma mater high school as the top in her class as a valedictorian. She has Down syndrome, just like me. She can speak clearly. And I can speak clearly too. In next years, she could be like me.


Mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome is what I have. But I don’t know if Brina and I are the same in mosaic area. But I don’t want to talk about that.


Back to the assistant’s desk, I’ve managed to get out of my hindrance test in my life after two years. I was really in denial stage. Because nobody told me that I’ve had Down syndrome in my life. It could be anybody’s fate. I really couldn’t tell about it.


When I’ve first met one of two bosses, the first one was Sir Renan. He couldn’t thought at the back of his head that I’ve really had Down syndrome. He could doubt on me. But he realized later on that I’ve had on it. Because of my slow development and slow reactions for somehow, but I really could have a bigger room of opportunity to become a good model.


After one week, their secretary called me. It was one that I’ve remembered. I thought her name was Elaine. It was Allaine. I’ve heard for the unique name for the first time. Being part of written history I am making, each time I write or read, I’ve usually doubt too many questions to myself. For reasons why, I don’t know.


Then I’ve met Sir Kirby. He was nice. But at first I’ve met him, I was nervous, sweaty and a mixed reactions of scared and terrified. I didn’t know what to do. I’ve first met also the preschool teacher and the special education teacher. Teacher Jana was the special education teacher. And also part in our staff was Teacher Kyla. They were both on the start of the day, I was also scared of them.


But on the run later in life, I’ve really took chances to become one of them someday although I didn’t hold any education degree in my life before. So I’ve felt it was my second home. I was devoted to become one of the good role models. I’ve had heard different stories. But mine was different from the rest of the Down syndrome society.


I am eager to learn and I am eager to take the challenges later in life. Because if you doubt too many questions, you couldn’t take the risks later in life. You have to be ready and always take cautious and initiative thinking. What I did every morning? Then I have to tell you.


I was sweeping leaves and some garbage spills every Monday to Friday early mornings. Normally I’ve arrived 5:25 to 5:35 every morning. Each time I’ve arrived whether there was rain or no rain, I really took challenges. I felt becoming not cautious at the start. Each time I swept leaves, I was thinking at the back of my head that I could really take chances whatever it may go in my life in the future.


Unfold, unwritten and blank pages is the first step to fill it up in my life. Sometimes whenever I look for, I’ve normally doing the good doings in life.


What else can you read any articles, you could read about this:


Spain’s First Down syndrome councilor



“Time flies when you don’t realized that it is the fate chooses you and not your fate. Sometimes it may count as a big blessing and an opportunity. And it count the way the blessings will knock in your door.”~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


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