Unwrapped Future


How it feels to be like someone when you are not ready seriously in the world full of doubts and too many questions?


It feels like that I am in the place where you really work with a good environment you have and the community itself really secures you well. Like somebody who is really looking up to you as a good model.


Is it okay for you to work somebody you really don’t like?


It’s up for someone who really have a good heart to a big guy like me.


How is it feels for you that you are different from the rest of the society?


I am not different. Being different is not a big deal in the society. It feels me what I am proud today.


Do you like what you feel today?


Like I said, I am neither different or define as not normal. I just want to live longer being having Down syndrome. This is what I really love to do and I feel not so special I really love.


Thank you and you continue to inspire us for your beautiful message.


It is not about who I am or feels that I am not being different to somebody else. It is who I am making history or maybe a story that feels like to be written about. The story about me is something new in the society. Being as an assistant teacher is a small step for me for success story.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I rarely find one of these days a new partner for me. After I have had relationship with my first fling ex-girlfriend, I felt secured to me where I worked as an assistant teacher in the therapy center and the school I worked. The first thing I know in my life was a burdened heart that was in my chest.


Then I realized it was only hope and fate that chooses me. My heart was terrible before I came working in the school. It was a sudden, like a quick stepping in the world of humanity. Yes, it may be sounds weird but sometimes it works that well. I don’t know what you can call, but sometimes it is written somewhere.


I have said about the article from the last time. The 8 people with Down syndrome who are making history and the Spain’s 1st Down syndrome councilor are great articles to read. It’s really that amazing. But somehow in the point of view in my life thinks that I am coming in the right way. In the past, all I can thought about was a big mistake. Now, I am making my story colorful where I am happily working in the therapy center and the school as an assistant teacher.


Why Assistant’s Desk anyway? Anyone?


Assistant’s Desk is a catch phrase. If there is a teacher’s table, then this article would be another meaning as an Assistant’s Desk. It would be inappropriate if I will use a teacher’s table but I am not teacher yet. But if you could imagine my life is full of imagination is a great opportunity.


The other night, I’ve dreamed my student, Ecko who has Autism. It is not a disease and it is called as a genetically disorder that involves with a curious case. I may don’t have Autism but I have Down syndrome. It is not also a disease. It is also genetically disorder that happens with an extra chromosome and it calls in my case as mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome. The part of it takes, the natural way when you are getting older, is where I get my mother’s features throughout the years. That is what mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome has.


I have other students who have Autism, different ranges of age. And one of my students is a little girl called Cassy. She is really lovable and fun to study with her. She loves to roam, loves to play and loves to kiss your cheeks. Her case is different from Ecko. Cassy is wonderful kid and have a bright mind at the back of her head. Every time I check about her, her special education teacher Jana always gives an outstanding grade to her when she gets a perfect score. But when she is not in the mood, sometimes she don’t looks so good at her performance.


Every kid with Autism has different characteristics in every aspect in their lives. Two of them are Ecko and Cassy. Ecko has a minimal speech and also goes to Cassy. Both of them are also not looking in eye contacts. Which it means they have to learn and prepare for their brighter future. It is one of a great stories have to be waiting in the future.


Why special children that I choose to handle? Anyone?


It is rare for me to handle for them. It was something that whispered in my ears when I was interviewed by Sir Kirby. And I wasn’t hesitated to answer and I gave my answer as “assistant teacher to special children.” Little did I know was a perfect gift. A good model and as an assistant teacher for them is a big blessing.


God doesn’t make mistakes to create special someone in your life. It is a miracle does miracle in your life. It gives you a perfect condition whenever you ask yourself, “why do I choose to have special kid like this?” It is all about unconditional love, patience and a gift of understanding for little kids with special condition. It is not a BIG MISTAKE, it is a PERFECT GIFT.


And it is something that God gives us a wonderful special children in the first place.


If there is a Science wants to close extra chromosome of Down syndrome, would you agree?


I won’t agree for that. If you are able to choose that, I won’t give another comment. Because God’s gift is sent to us to understand them, just like me. And I won’t be able to write a good article of Assistant’s Desk in the first place.


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