Human behaviors


Many have come in different situations, but only few has concerns in their lives. Many can go in different routines and only few can make it perfectly. But the only thing in life without knowledge is your heart and your mind.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


What is ADHD? ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD is a psychiatric disorder of the neurodevelopmental disorder class in which there are significant problems of attention and/ or hyperactivity and acting impulsively that are not appropriate for a persons age.


What is Down syndrome? Down syndrome, or also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21.


What is Autism? Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and verbal and non-verbal communication, and by restricted, repetitive, or stereotyped behavior.


(All answers will come from or in as well.)


The only I forget in a day is how you can you handle different lives with different human behaviors. In this article, I will tackle about human behaviors. Well normally, I really don’t write about this. But I will tell you somehow in my concerns. Because in my life, I will only tell you that I also have human behavior issues before.


We have kids with ADHD, Down syndrome and Autism in the school where I am working. I normally don’t know them all except for Down syndrome. Now I fully understand what’s the real terms, definitions and the human behaviors as well. In my case, I have Down syndrome and I am exceptional assistant teacher. I also help my two bosses in the therapy center where they really need something new for them.


My two bosses are occupational therapists. In this kind of field of work, you really need a lot of patience, love, understanding and unconditional care for them. If you don’t have them, sometimes you have lack of some of these.


This world has known different types of human behaviors whether it’s racial, discrimination and sometimes third gender as well. We know what we have to use terms as well. Don’t call them by names because some others are really that sensitive. It is quite disturbing when you mention some of these terms and names. Like I have in the past, people around me really took advantage looking of me. Some of them called sped, and it is not a term of special education. It is short name of special education but it defines as a “r” name. But I don’t want to discuss that name either in this article. It’s really quite disturbing as well.


Human behaviors of Autism, we have students in the school where I am working. They are really functional but sometimes they really need some of occupation therapy and speech therapy when they don’t have verbal communication. But sometimes, I know some of these human behaviors from experiences in the school where I am working. In fact, I may have to know about this Autism more from my two bosses. I still have long way to understand the human behaviors of Autism as well.


Human behaviors of Down syndrome is different from Autism, like I do, they have manipulative behavior, and sometimes some of them don’t have verbal communication as well. They need physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, aqua therapy and the introduction of vision therapy as well. I will tackle about different therapies in the next article.


Physical therapy in Down syndrome should start in earlier age as infant children does. Like I did, my parents put a money just to train me as well. But I started to walk delay already, around 3 years old I think. Because around 2 years old, I wasn’t able to talk or walk in earlier age. All the DS have the problems using their legs and their arms as well. When you see some DS could stretch their legs up to their head, don’t let them stretch their legs or arms together. It might inflict in the future as well. I just learned that from my two bosses.


Occupational therapy in Down syndrome should start also in earlier age. This is where you should start your child with Down syndrome behaving differently. Normally, they are really lovable, compassionate and understanding. But sometimes we have the same problems, the manipulative behavior problems. I’ve encountered in my life before depending in the situation. If you have seen your child behaving differently, it is usually manipulating you as well. Don’t let them to follow you or they will take you authority instead. Let you to become authority and not them. But always give them reward after they do perfectly.


Speech therapy is mostly commonly used in Down syndrome. We have various situations. Like I did before, I didn’t know how to use properly in english language and filipino language in the past. I was different from the rest of my siblings. I went undergone speech therapy since two years old up to last part of my age which it was before I went to college. But I did self-learning through perseverance about this.


Last year, I took call center training just to improve my english language for the last time. What I did was to improve more my vary intonations, difficult syllable words, subject verb agreement and some many more. I lost my count there. But I really did improve a lot. It doesn’t stop me there because I have to keep going to improve more. Just like I always say to myself that I am not a perfect writer, but I love to write as well. And I keep continuing to study my whole life.


Aqua therapy in Down syndrome is mostly commonly used for sensory integration Down syndrome who are not used to walk properly but they can functionally swim in swimming pool. We have student who is very timid to stand up well. But he can follow. I’m always listening from my two bosses where I can learn a lot about human behaviors.


In my case, I learned how to swim from my cousin. He was a physical teacher in Ateneo de Manila University before where he taught swimming. For somehow reasons, I didn’t know about myself before. But now I really know that I am capable and high functional working.


And the last is the introduction of vision therapy. Vision therapy stimulates the human behavior, improves and indicates in our human behavior. I am not sure if the therapy center I am working is the first one or second one. But it is the introduction in the Philippine society as well. It helps to stimulate your eyes to interact with your mind. I don’t know how to explain. Maybe I have to learn more about this vision therapy from my two bosses since I am really in love and enjoying in my work.


And the last part is the human behavior of ADHD. We also have students who really annoying because of their hyperactivity part. They are not really behaving as well because of their function. And I think at the back of my head just have to learn more also in this field. I also don’t know how to express about them. What they really have to improve in their field is needed for occupational therapy and behavioral therapy. I know few about ADHD is only the anti-social personality disorder or ASPD.


I am not quite sure about these topics I bring about in this Human behaviors. Sometimes they need to be learning stage where you can know about them or learn how to be patience. In my guidance somehow, I really need someone who really can understand me as well. I was a high functional DS just what my boss said to me. Maybe a quite few words I will tell you about is always to be humble all the time rather going to be eaten by your pride and doubts as well.


Big love is a perfect opportunity to protect special children you have needed a long patience and dedication. Without them, you will lose your hope and fate as well. So hang on there and always pray from angels and heavens also.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


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