Can an assistant teacher become a teacher?


In some many ways, it’s a yes. But in a few ways, it’s not compared to few professional licensed teachers. I’ve asked some that I knew already. “Can really they become good teachers?” Hmm…a lot of says that it might be a consider as an assistant teacher becoming teacher so soon.


I may be a not a good teacher, but I pray that I might be a good teacher in the future. It’s not one of my dreams that considers my field as a teacher. In fact, before I come in this fate, being as a teacher is really a tough profession in the country. Some it says that it’s hard and some it says that it’s commonly they do in everyday tasks.


Checking the papers if it’s complete, scoring if the student gets a high score, checking the student’s performance, listing the student’s punctuality and some many more to mention are not big deal to me. But in some ways, some professional licensed teachers can really do some everyday in their lives. I mean that I haven’t see my grandmother checking the paper’s scores if it’s good or bad. Whenever I have heard my mom’s stories about her mom as well was a teacher, even though I don’t remember Lola Betty at her age coming from her school just to check the attendance.


It was her age that mattered the most. But it seems that I am lost in the middle of nowhere. I have some classmates who become teachers as well. My classmate during fourth grade really topped in the class and graduated in San Beda College and moved up to teach students in Xavier school in San Juan. And the other classmate I have had was during my fourth year high school. He was a valedictorian and was now a teacher where we’ve had graduating in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo.


Who may never know that I may be as an assistant teacher in the first place?” It says in my facebook timeline that I’ve posted a comment about as a teacher as well. It was last year’s post around June 2012. It may sounds weird but I could tell I really post it about the comment exchange. Hmm…that sounds really interesting.


I didn’t have education degree taking up in the college, but the only thing I’ve really remembered was graduating college certificate in culinary arts. I’ve never took any kind of college degree yet. If I ever take a college degree, I may be an honor to do that as well.


Since this is the part of my day that I become as an assistant teacher, almost two months, one week and still counting. My boss says that I have potential becoming as a teacher. I have always dream to become one of my goals before is to portray as a teacher in entertainment industry. But it seems it’s not easy to become portraying someone else. The fate chooses me as an assistant teacher, and I am proud of what I have accomplish my goals so far.


To think one of my goals today, it is change already. In my dreams alone before, I choose that I have to follow my dreams to become as an entertainer in the entertainment industry. It is to become dancer, singer maybe and an actor as well. If I am lucky, I will be leading as a producer, scriptwriter or as a director as well. You can’t go if you can’t complete the production before you come up some of the directing movies as well. To become one, you have to go as one of the below positions in the entertainment industry. Plus you will get have to gain the knowledge.


That is one of my biggest aspirations before. Now it’s change. I hope I can be the one to become as a good role model, a good leader, a motivational speaker or maybe as an ambassador as well. Being as a tough can’t beat all the odds itself. You have to become one good role model. Hmm…it is really hard to say than acting alone.


Sometimes in reality, what it really tells me that I still have to follow my aspiration dreams. Or maybe both if I need to attain what is my happiness tells me about. When I follow my dreams, I always tell myself that I have to be strong as a horse steadily riding to your dreams. In the past, that was one of my problems when I have had in my denial stage of what my condition controlled me most. Somehow, I held to my problems and then later I realized that I was wrong. The last minute I couldn’t tell is myself.


My pride sometimes eats yourself the whole when you don’t know and you are starting to panic all the times. Eventually later, I studied what was my wrong about and what was my right attitude should be. And I said myself, ‘hey, I could do this better.’ Things when I usually do is writing what is best should have.


It sets in the east when the sun rises to wake you up. You should know that the beautiful day will start a new day itself. And somehow at the end of the day, you learn a valuable lessons in your life. Before you go to sleep, you pray for the beautiful day to come again. That’s when miracle sometimes does everything change for you. Make a habit and form a positivity in your life.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


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