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It is where I find my happiness when I am all in my ears listening to the music. Sometimes I rarely can dance all the day I always want. It sets the most of my time when the music melts your mood inside of the music. And I find it rarely when things are getting worse.


In the past, my life time was weary and worried all the time. When I was not in myself, I was considering in the place where nobody was there. I wanted to be lonely. I wanted to dance all day long. But the thing I have always tried was when the world doesn’t need to follow your day itself.


The day itself sometimes tears you apart when you feel about your frustration in your life. The music you hear sometimes tells you about the depression in your life. Well it’s not mostly all the time, but I tell you sometimes it’s worst. Probably when I am not alone, and when somebody is there. I would be standing in the wall talking to myself. Or the worst scenario is when I am starting to stare myself in the mirror. I will be talking in minutes that turns into hours. Or maybe it wasn’t making mistakes that you have depressions.


Sometimes emotions are usually encountering you in, when you are in deep troubles or consciousness depression mood. Hmm…how I start explaining this? Oh, of course, the consciousness depression mood was in the psychological answer that I found out later in my life.


Consciousness depression mood is the term that I rarely use, but not exactly I am not using all the time. This is my first time to bring up some terms that you should not consider to use. Depression mood is the term when you are in depressed times. But in consciousness depression mood sometimes when you are in distressed or you are really in depression, then you are realize that you are really doing it. Consciousness is yourself when you consider you are actively knowing yourself that you have depression mood. Well, I am not sure if I am not 100% that I could tell. But somehow, I find not amusing to myself.


The world is full of emotions whether your really like or something you are considering yourself to be part of reality world. I, myself, somehow find something unusual to myself. But I find it interesting. Whenever I come up another article, it really defines me somehow how I explain or how I write the article itself. Not mostly but it’s rarely to find in this kind of article.


Emotions is your subconscious mind when you are in the state of feelings whenever you are angry, happily, or any kind of emotions you have. I may be not a hundred percent to explain but sometimes it really drives me out how I can relate in this article.


Emotions also sometimes tell you how you can overcome in times of depressions and frustrations. It defines what you can feel in this article. But sometimes I was the one who thought this way.


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