20. Dark Chocolate

Any excuse to have chocolate is alright by us. Eating dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content slows your digestion to keep you full for longer. It also contains antioxidants and is heart-healthy.


19. Salmon

Salmon contains protein as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon helps you stay full by increasing the levels of the appetite-suppressing hormone leptin in your body.


18. Tofu

Tofu is a great source of protein typically used in Asian cooking. It has no real flavor by itself, meaning it can easily take on whatever flavors you want to add. Try it with your next meal and see the results for yourself.


17. Green Tea

Green tea boosts your energy and metabolism while curbing hunger. Bonus: It also helps you burn fat faster.


Green Tea benefits:

*Fights cancer

*Lowers cholesterol

*Prevents cavities

*Protects against heart disease

*Speeds metabolism

*Prevents diabetes

*Antiviral agent

*Maintains a healthy circulatory system

*Strengthens tooth enamel

*Reduces plaque and bacteria in your mouth

*Prevents dementia

*Full of antioxidants

*Prevents food poisoning

*Gives healthy skin

*Prevents bad breath



16. Beans

Beans are a great source of fiber and protein, both of which fill you up greatly. Kidney and navy beans are especially rich sources of these nutrients.


15. Bran

Bran is another rich source of dietary fiber. It absorbs water and physically expands in the water, os it literally makes your stomach full.


14. Gum

Most of us indulge in gum-chewing regularly. Chewing gum allows you to experience the taste of food without the calories.


13. Cayenne Pepper

If you can handle the heat, try a little cayenne pepper with your next meal. The spice requires more calories to burn it and adds heat to your food, reducing your chances of overeating.


12. Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes are a starchy food that keep you full hours after you’ve eaten them. Sweet potatoes contain the same digestive enzymes, but are much healthier.


11. Ginger Root

Ginger root has wide uses, as herbal tea as well as a pleasant kick in your Asian meal. Ginger is a heart-smart, invigorating and improves digestion to reduce your appetite.


10. Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and hunger at bay. These contain bulky fibers and pectin and take forever to chew. This allows your stomach time to catch up to your brain and recognize that you’re not hungry, but eating out of habit.


9. Water

70% percent of the Earth is water so that’s no excuse not to get in your recommended 8 glasses per day. Drinking water between mealtimes prevents cravings and keeps you hydrated so the rest of your body benefits as well. Good deal, huh?


8. Flaxseed

Flax and flaxseed contain fiber, omega 3 fats and protein. This super food gives you the most benefit when it’s ground up. Sprinkle it on most any food for a nuttier taste.


7. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is basically regularly yogurt that’s been strained of whey. The result is a thicker, fuller and creamier product that’s chock-full of protein and keeps you full for longer.


6. Oatmeal

Most people shy away from oatmeal because it’s just so bland. However, it’s rich in fiber and contains good carbohydrates that help you stay full. Feel free to experiment with different flavors and mix-ins for a satisfying snack.


5. Pickles

Pickles are a delicious sandwich and burger topping as well as a good appetite suppressant. Just make sure you snack on natural pickles and not ones with artificial add-ins and excessive sugar.


4. Green Leafy Vegetables

These foods include spinach and its varieties, lettuce, bok choy, and even celery. What’s great about these foods is that they almost every nutrient your body needs and have few calories. The calories you burn by chewing and digesting these almost cancels the calories contained in these greens. Don’t skip your salad course!


3. Eggs

Whether you eat egg whites or egg yolks, your meal will contain large amounts of protein. As protein keeps you full for longer, eggs are a good food to eat to curb hunger.


2. Avocado

Avocado is the delicious main ingredient in guacamole. Now you can enjoy this crowd-pleaseer without feeling guilty. Avocado contains dietary fiber as well as healthy MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids), both of which you full for longer.


1. Coffee

Caffeine and antioxidants in coffee beans can help curb your appetite while keeping you full. Don’t indulge in it too much, though; caffeine can be addicting.