Lessons to be learn when the weather is working on us to stand discipline.


After this week, it was our third time to experience the flood that came in our area in Cainta. It may be sound to you that you may also experience or not. And some others are lucky when it doesn’t come to your way about the weather.


The first time we experienced four years ago, the storm of Ondoy. Yes, it struck us in the middle of nowhere when suddenly the flood appeared in almost four years ago. My mom said that the flood came around rising 10 am in the morning. That was her story. But technically, my eyes was glued to the wall clock every time the water rose above from the door.


September 26, 2009, Saturday morning when the Ondoy happened the most tragedy in our life. I was playing the facebook browser game of Hitman. I was very addicted in games before. Yes, I am already certified self-confessed addicted gamer from online games, console games and other games you may call that I want to play. But right now, whenever I see someone playing some famous games today like Candy Crush Saga is really using you for the money for the lives. And that was totally wicked!


Back to the subject of flood experience, almost 6 am in an early Saturday morning I went to sleep. But when my mom, my youngest brother and our maid went panic. Because the water in the door suddenly appeared around 10 am in the morning. And there it was, everyone really got panicked.


Around 11 am in the morning, the water rose two to three inches of cubic of water. Every time we got almost wet except for my laptop that went out already misused today and the bag of full sketches. And my bible, of course, didn’t get wet. It was really awful that day. Then around 12 pm of lunch time, the water rose again this time three to four inches of cubic of water. My mom didn’t get aware what I was writing about this water theory of flood experience. But I will tell you this story of mine, some of you, it may sound true and some of you won’t believe what I write in this true story.


By the time it hit 1 pm, the water rose occasionally five to seven inches. At 2 pm, it rose up more around eight inches above. Now we have gone to our neighbor to our right when we transferred around 3 pm. Saturday was really dramatically annoying for me. And it was really a tragedy for everyone who stayed in Cainta and Marikina area. Because of the two dams that opened really flooded some areas around the Metro Manila.


4 pm, it rose some six inches of cubic of water; 5 pm, the water added five inches; 6 pm, and the water rose up again around two to three inches. Our other family was in Singapore that time when my sisters with our father really called us but we didn’t receive anything a call. Sunday morning, the water dropped around a little when it hit outside of our neighbor’s house. And at Monday morning, we eventually came out to wash out the water inside of our house. The house was really fuming that time.


And it was a mess, the whole area in our village got stuck with a whole lot of mud come from Angono mountains. The news said that some crocodile or alligator escaped from Angono and eventually washed out from the open cage that they have had it.


Last year it also happened to us again, the “habagat” they have said the term. And I think at the back of my head, it was a tail-end of the storm that sent us a real tragedy of flood. And this storm had passed us also the third time washing some of our things. Eventually we all did trying to restore the things we wanted to keep for a change.


What will you do if you notice your area will get flooded? Don’t think thrice. Just get all your important things at the back of your head: your wallet, your passport, your bank book and some valuable things that you really love to get. On my part, I really treasured my sketches. Because it was only my sentimental value in my life when you really need to pass that for your next generation.


Reasons why do you have to give up some for a change? Your clothes was full of mud. Some others may have ruin your taste in clothes. So you have to put for a foundation of your old clothes. I’ve change my routine for today which I really am an advocate now for those want to change. Maybe an advocate for special children may need me as well.


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