At this point of new chapter of Life: New Unveiled, on some part that it might change a little. Maybe it’s a bit of challenging me. It’s between me, my job and my business. It might sound interesting to some of you about my story. You always hear some of new stories and some repeated old stories as well.


Maybe it’s a bit of changing routine as well. My life now has changing me. And so the part of the sadness situation becomes a happiness situation. DID you know one of my oldest page was way back during 1998? Maybe you didn’t listen to me very carefully.


1998 was the year full of surprises. It was between sophomore year of high school and junior year of high school. It was that summer of 1998. Between the summer classes, my mom said that I have had to gone in summer classes in Ateneo. Well I was not an Atenean, I was more of Montessorian. I met no one there. I was not open-minded. I rather spoke up only to myself.


During that time, no one have had ever been friends to me in Ateneo. Because I was too scared to be mix someone who don’t know me. Sadly, I had to go back to Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo in upcoming school year of 1998 – 1999. That year broke into sadness story of NBA. It got shortened season when San Antonio SPURS won their first championship in 1999. That was another story.


Today, I’ve asking myself what I am doing is sort of what I have suppose to do. New life, new page and new unfold story is the same thing supposed to say. I am no longer as an assistant teacher next week of classes.


One week was a terrible mess when the storm Maring got mess the whole Luzon because of the weather. Well, sad to say, that was another story. But I was assuming I want it to be as a teacher. When I will be going to be as an assistant teacher again?


Hmm…my boss quite messes my head this time. I have my identification card as well and it said there that I was an a sped assistant. On the other part, they exchanged me into a harder part of role – to become a security. From as an assistant teacher, now as a security, the so-called life I have today has change me again.


What if I am not capable to do things very well? Hmm…it is really confusing me as well. My role change so fast. I fit to no one’s position. And also, the prayers was also prayed. The Reaching Our Children for the King or ROCK Integrated School has moved in new place. It was once that Teacher Jana lived their house. Now it was the time for the school grows more. With a big facility comes a big responsibility. Hmm…sounds confusing to me again.


Who would thought that the ROCK Integrated School become a big school now? Maybe if I am a big prayers, it would come. But it seems a little change in the name of the school. And the answer would become unusual.


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