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My new family


My happiness sometimes exists today when you are having a good community and a good circle of friends. Well mostly in my days are exactly common of my happiness days. My boss and I usually share the same idea of happiness terms.


It was started when I joined the Stand and Walk Therapy Center as an assistant teacher. My salary was basic commodity in my life. It was not necessarily in life that you have had this or that. You have to be a simple guy to walk in the community where you can start to work.


First day or maybe my first week of my work was dramatically changing me as well. My routine was changing me from being as a couch potato to work-acholic. And the best start I’ve had started there was they really accepted who I was to be. The teachers changed me as well. As they knew my condition, my routine became part of my life. I knew it was changing me that well.


But things have changed when someone was to leave and someone was to enter. It was not necessarily to say this. But sometimes the eagerness inside of you wants to say something you really want it to say. My secrets are limited. I’ve overcome being as a secretive. But knowing myself, I also limit my secrets from no one can ever know about something not as necessarily as well.


One month I have lasted that long, my performance level didn’t change. I still managed to catch time to sleep and managed to use of my routine levels. From being facebook addict I was before, being as an online gamer before and being as a console gamer before literally changed my life as well. I was almost changing myself to a better future. My attitude before changed me as well now today. From being self-confessed addicted gamer, I am seriously change myself and my routine today.


I am no longer an addicted gamer today, and plus that I am no longer a facebook user anymore. I can update myself from time to time. But not as always when I am glue to my computer, I always put myself not sleeping entirely in the night. I have a work today plus with my loading business. My boss said to me that I have a potential where I can contribute something for the school important. It is something I find rarely in my life – a perfect new family.


What’s a new family by the way? That’s a good question. And my answer is my work environment. I am really glad that I have family on my back: my two bosses, the secretary and the co-teachers as well. I am considering myself as a lucky person. Don’t get me wrong if I am not right. So tell me if I am really wrong.


My new family is my work environment. Things are changing me as well. And my perspective in my life is also changing me as well. If I continue this as well, my routine in my life today should not considering to change me as well. Because I want some my work to have my loyal in my back whenever I have problems. I can be open-minded but sometimes that I have to be shut up also. Because sometimes I am really that talkative either also in my life.


I have mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome. It means that I have partly becoming with disability doesn’t mean that I have to stop there. I am a blessing. And blessing should use in the proper use in life. And so I use it properly. When you have disability, sometimes you care of yourself, your family and your pet also. You love anything that considers the most of your time in your life.


What is my happiness? I could tell you that is because of my work. And I love my work. The work environment, the circle of good friends and the day routine find myself in a better way of living life. I rarely get a chance a good set of friends. And I share my life with good people including the student’s parents where I get a chance to talk with. Being with somebody else you really to talk to open-minded somehow change your vision in your life.


It is because I really want to get a chance to be a better person. And I really need to change myself also as a part of your own reality. And reality sometimes chooses you to find your own path of fate. The fate chooses you and choose to work what is best for you. And so I am consider to be part of my life.


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