Insensitive work relationship


Strike me out when someone told me to shut up my last laugh. I always have the same jokes with my other boss as he said. It was not on his jokes, but I also shared with his jokes. My other boss and I were like brothers. We were in closer gap of age of three decades and two years. Hmm…that is interesting to explain the age. It is 32 years. Sometimes I’ve called it the three decades and two years in alphabetical words.


My other boss’s age was three months older than me. He was born on November. But I was born in February. We were like something that cannot break. Somehow I always look to his side of his jokes. And I’ve rarely get sermons from him. But until he called my name, that was my first to hear from him. And he literally called my attention. Because I was having my behavior a human error. I didn’t cope up with this problem. But somehow I lost my focus on my work.


Work relationship comparing from teachers and some other staff were highly sophisticated to me. Among them have rarely had the same comparisons. I hate the comparisons. When you say comparisons, that’s something to do with judging the cover of your book. This is insane but true. And I lost on the way where I can find another job.


Maybe after going to Canada and resuming if I still have my work on my way back, maybe if they can still accept me. Building rapport with parents as my boss said was good. But nonetheless, I have to do improving my performance. Somehow at the back of my head, it was there on my head but I couldn’t think one single word to pop out to my head. Well, normally I really don’t to boast or brag about this. It’s the matter of feelings that count. I don’t need many friends just to help my happiness level up. Or something I would know to make it surely done correctly.


The co-teachers and other staff as well really stabbed my back as well. I won’t call the names to be named here in my articles. It was simply secured and simply annoyed. I don’t know why. I was there already. Almost two months and barely four weeks already before coming to three months on my work, I’ve started really to like my job but until they called my name that I was stubborn to do this and to do that. I wasn’t. Somehow my mind came to burst if I was having alzeimer’s disease. Then I’ve asked my other boss who apparently I really could talk to and said that I also can inherit the genetically disease losing memory one to another. If I may correct or not, just leave a comment at the end of this article.


Somehow along the way, my other boss seemingly was doing good for me. He really treated me like a brother. Maybe if I came along before on their work, they would know better the side of all my problems between love life, family issues, relative issues, financial issues to some never ending issues that I won’t name it any longer.


Crazy as I was, or half away through the universe if I was unavailable seeking for a new clue to solve. Because I am not as a perfect human as anybody does. I may be not as intelligent person, or I may be not as a perfect writer but I could be the one who could tell you if you really need a friend. Then I will be there to help and to rescue you. Because the percentage of the school needs a little comfort towards me.


I am not a superstitious person as well believing something that is not related in life. What I really believe is the creator above, Jesus Christ, the saints and the guardian angels as well. On other side of superstitious, I rarely find interesting in folklore stories sometimes that rarely seen the impossible into possible times. It is compared to fantasy and imaginative characters that you would know to come up the best intentions at the back of your head. Silly as I am thinking at the back of my head knowing not it’s all going back.


I may have my condition as mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome. But I am really considering to accept who I am really to become a role model someday. But I never get an intention to grab an opportunity becoming as a teacher. What my real dreams are that I am focus to get it one by one if I really come closer. I am not into rush but in a slow, classic and fashion way to become uneasy to cope with. Or maybe I won’t think at the back of my head that I would become.


Normally at the end of the day, if I smile, I’m always smiling. But I nod my head in other way, then my emotions and my pride will eat me. Then it would become a neutral smile, not as possible to become a negative thoughts. Or some ways will become getting closer to my aspiration dreams. I may be not grab the biggest dream, but I am always dreaming to get one by one step closer at a time.


Possible? At the back of your head, dream bigger. My boss is quite not seemingly happy at the end of the day today. Good luck to my life ahead if I may get a possible wish may come in my way.


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