It’s okay to be simple, but you have to take another level in greater heights. When you complete the trials, you may create another one and challenge yourself in another trials.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


The list I’ve done so far this year is compared to last year’s success stories. Let’s go back and rewind what I’ve done from last year to this present year:


Number 1 (Introduction to Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI)


I was not aware in the past without thinking at the back of my head some kids and adults have Down syndrome, just like me. But the symbol I’ve joined in DSAPI was a best choice to participate. And it was impressive that some of a blessings have come good so far. This was dated back from February 15, 2012 when someone introduced me to the organization. It was my distant relative’s friend who volunteered in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Davao Chapter. And I’ve asked what event will be held next month. That was January 26, 2012 when I’ve asked her. Two weeks later I went to Free Medical Mission that held in SM Megamall, Clinica where I met Ate Agnes and her children Meimei and Jeremy. Her son Jeremy has Down syndrome, and so I have.


Number 2 (20th Happy Walk 2012)


After I went to free medical mission in Clinica, SM Megamall where I met Ate Agnes and her son Jeremy who has Down syndrome, I went for my first time to attend my first Happy Walk that was held in SM North EDSA in Skydome, February 19, 2012. During that event was my birthday, my dad and I went but my family in the house was having a party that I’ve shared with my brother. And my brother had invited his friends to come and enjoyed the rest of the night. That day fulfilled my excitement into full bars of happiness. I could not resisted that I was the happiest during that day. Eventually I slept sound much better.


Number 3 (Studio platform, facebook page and twitter)


I didn’t much attending more events last year which I was focusing on my rebooted business that come back for good. It was intentionally that I really held to my word when someone was helping in my cellphone loading business. And so the history tested me that much. Then I’ve eventually came back writing in blog platform which I’ve called the studio platform moving from blogspot to wordpress. After a long absence where I didn’t write in almost after 10 years back before in blogspot, I’ve finally came back, reformed and created the purpose writing in with the name of Itsmikki Studio. The studio was now one year, five months and fourteen days already. And now that I came back, it was written in different article platforms thus creating with many categories just like magazine or newspaper. The name of Itsmikki I’ve given to create had a meaning: “Inspiring The Society: My Infinite Keeper’s Key Inc.” The meaning was already an acronym where I rarely found interesting slogan for my studio name.


Itsmikki Studio started the studio form last March 16, 2012 but the original state of writing came back alive. The original writing that I’ve always write was literature. It sparked on December 10, 1998 during my junior year in high school. And eventually it came back for good as well. After few months have passed, I’ve created facebook page of Itsmikki Studio and launched on July 4, 2012. And it finally discovered the new place where countless articles to be shown on the page. After few days, the twitter account also announced the new launching date of Itsmikki Studio, July 14, 2012.


Number 4 (First short inspirational talk)


After a few months have passed, I’ve joined the first Early Intervention seminar last August 12, 2012. Then a month, I’ve also joined the Sexuality Seminar last September 16, 2012. Then it came pouring new events that I’ve joined. I’ve also joined my first experience Halloween party where Siblings Support Group held the event in Guadalupe last October 14, 2012.


And it came to my first experience having to guest talk in UST Albertus Magnus building, the Education building where few respective schools with special children, teachers and students from UST listened to my first short inspirational talk. It was November 19, 2012. And I was nervous during that time with a mixed emotions being having excitement and coolness in the UST campus. I’ve felt the presence being as an exceptional. I found in my life that I loved myself more better than the past. What it takes to be exceptional, sometimes it takes to break the barriers that I wasn’t alone in the world with special needs.


DYM or Digest Your Mind is a new section of Life: New Unveiled. More surprising articles under DYM will be coming in the future. My fellow consistent readers, new readers, followers and unexpected readers, just keep reading my articles. And I will take time to write more interesting articles in my studio platform.


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