My Advocate Dreams

Reposted from the facebook notes, January 22, 2012


Many people quit in many dreams they wanted and needed. At the top of many dreams, people have children who are in young, tender age tended to break instantly. Passing their dreams to their children are sometimes broken. Half of our lives seek through doctors with intentional prayers. Almost overcoming the problems without helping meant to be the dreams they wanted. For sure, someone want to take it seriously and someone did not.


My dreams when I was a teenager is to finish college and I did. Now after several years, it is now to take it back again. Needing a Canon camera to take pictures acquired with a lot of strength and courage. It costs thousands of bucks. It is my dream way back in my elementary days when I graduated, to be photographer taking shots of a volcano.


That’s my first advocate dreams. It is a lot of many people are not after their dreams because they already done quitting.


High school days are my primary years because what I achieve and what I become today. Sophomore year, the year I found out myself. The teacher said to me that I was so special. Coming from the school, I talked to my parents and didn’t hiding or denying, they said it so. The next day, the day was so special to me. Even I want to hide, but I want to share this to everyone I know.


My high school classmates, my elementary classmates and my parents were in my graduation wishing my best years to come. I became shattered when I’ve entered college in culinary certificate, the dreams failed me. Continuing in writing about sonnets, songs and poems are my favorite past times day back in college.


Loving to write a love sonnet makes me special when I want a love to my crush, it failed her that my impression also failed. I met an actress. I fell in love her actions, knowing her became part to find out. She is a daughter of comedian. Then it came one another and another.


No one loves me there, I became desperate, but it was a mutual understanding. Not a single heart could complete me more.


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