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Dilemma and insecurities


I may bound achieving nothing, but sometimes it takes time to achieve one at a time. My dilemma is to have working hard and playing uneasy. It’s not easy to admit in this situation. Somehow I manage to overcome my sickness towards my dilemmas.


You may be hear some my interesting stories before. Well sort of something you really like to read some of my articles. In this article, you will be reading page five about dilemma and insecurities and how I overcome them for somehow.


Before I got on my job in Stand and Walk Therapy Center / Reaching Our Children for the King (ROCK) Integrated School as an assistant teacher, there were a lot of problems come to my life. It wasn’t hard to get rid of it. But somehow along the way when there was a roadblock, I’ve always been escaped from the roadblock of my problems.


When you thought some hardest to explain at the back of your head, you explained why your life was difficult to mix with other situations. You haven’t get money from your parents all the time. Or expect to overcome, just earn it from your hard working. I didn’t get pampered of sponsoring some items I’ve always wanted. For example, I just want to have a nice living condition as long I only want as a leisure items like computers, gadgets, television or some item you really have valuable on that item. But as long you are want them in your side, somehow you lose it by from a purpose. You don’t want to seek any kind of living items you’ve really wanted in your life. But on the other side when you need something important like financial, physically or sometimes emotionally, you really have desperate needing it for your own purpose.


I didn’t get what I want all the time. But instead, I’ve earned it. Not of all it. It is difficult to say that you really need it at the end of the day of your situation. And a word of advice: don’t kill the time when you really want something else, instead use of your time needed in your daily routine unless you grab the risks. Normally I don’t have excuses or to point out some reasons.


Everyone has dilemma in any corner of life. Sometimes it may exceed to some excuses, but at the end of your head thinking if you are getting the exact point of reason. You have really some excuses and reasons all the time. You don’t think some other people just to excuse you. Instead help them before you love yourself. Somehow I learned the lessons needed prior at the end of the day.


What is insecurities? Insecurities is somewhat your inside habit of form making heavy reasons. When you think some excuses in your life, you really feel that you are really insecure towards your sibling rivalry, judging from other people or making up some new friends as well. I don’t need to be insecure because I’ve learn the valuable lessons in life.


Insecure person is somewhat is inside of your personality just like the eight deadly sins, an envy. You envy some person you’ve really like to grow up someday, but at the end of your life, you can’t force yourself to achieve because you don’t allowing yourself to be envious. Envy is really one of the deadly sins. Aside from envy, jealous and glutton are also the signs of deadly sins. When you’re jealous to something related to you, thus you are really being as an insecure. Glutton is the same way. When someone has something to eat, then you don’t get it what you want to eat. Ahead someone wants to eat, you eat right away the food item. And you’re being sarcastic and as an insecure person also.


Dilemma and insecurity are somewhat the same, or maybe not if you want something to explain. It’s your opinion. But this is option if you want to read my opinions as well. Reading other opinion related in articles is not highly recommended. It is up to you when and where you want to read my article about Fruitful of Happiness: Dilemma and insecurities.


I am happy to say that dilemma and insecurities are my maturity level I am coping up with my problems in my past to present form. Let’s cheers to me as I only want to congratulate myself as an achiever for somehow.


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