Trap in a Daylight

Trap in a Daylight

Reposted from the facebook notes, July 2, 2011


Enjoying daytime shifts

never come in my way,

doing nothing like it’s wrong.

Live by itself in the past

every time I cry or laugh

so much to say and

so much to do.


For giving twilight dreams,

it is said to end it now.

Good or bad ones

how many times it goes

then you guess it’s true.


Enjoying night time shifts

never come in my way,

doing hopelessly to be burden.

Lonely it was,

every time I sit or stand

so many things to say and

so many things to do.


Love is a noun word

on the simple love letter

never says ‘I love you’

every time you cry you love

love is the pain

yet hopelessly it matters.


Never been hurt before,

it is times you go

grieving in the floor clutching.

Hours passed by

then I have to be better

so you”ll need to be strong.


Going far away from home

instantly gives me frightened,

very much frustrated

every time I cry so hard.


Myself in the mirror

enters my mind so jealously.


Matters it said

only you bring the wrong side,

remember the lady said,

‘Exit the word unforgettable.’


One by one,

pen and paper get

punish on my hands.

One by one,

reloading the world

then it must let it go,

under the daylight

never gets me lonely

it is true to be said,

then I have to go

in the weary, ordinary world

every time I sleep

so endlessly.


First letter in each line of the paragraph:

Endless fight, endless lonely nights, give me more opportunities.


The lesson:

Don’t be burden to yourself in a reality world. When you step outside after high school days, learn to be humble all the time and don’t be over professional all the time. You might be trap in daylight like I did in the past.


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