Seeing is to believe.


There is a lot to understand more about Down syndrome. What I don’t know in this part? It’s that I’ve realized Down syndrome could also have other with abnormal chromosomes. But I will discuss later about other abnormal chromosomes. But in this part two of living being as Down syndrome is what makes us so special. I didn’t know from the start of my life having with it this case. Sometimes I misjudged my life before. Later I’ve realized when I had discovered that I’ve also with it.


What is it takes about Down syndrome? There is no cure about silencing the chromosome but I’m not against it. It’s a matter that I decide to fulfill my part as different from the society as well. Can you tell me how can you handle living being as Down syndrome? Well normally I also didn’t know how to understand when I have my own vision in my life. I didn’t know from the start. My parents didn’t tell me. What can you do if the child knows this? Does he or she will take advantage seriously? My vision here is to help your child and as a new parent could understand.


Society in the Philippines didn’t take the disability to understand. But rather they are making a rule that these people couldn’t live longer. Think again. With disability or not, you should be careful what you can say to the people with disability or PWD. Whenever I ride in transportation needs whether it’s train station, bus or any kind of transportation needs. I always take senior citizens to sit down rather I sit down to the chair. Before I could sit, I ask them if they need it. But in buses, you should be careful because some of bus operators are sometimes misjudging us like normals as well. They have to understand the word of PWD. I also have experience about riding in tricycle. I ask the tricycle driver if they can offer discount for PWD. The village I’ve used to work was Cainta Green Park Village. They have a privilege to use the PWD discounts. But the village where I used to reside, they didn’t offer to use PWD discounts. Is there any reasons they can’t offer? Normally I don’t have guts to report the incident report. But it takes time to reveal this country needs to know about the PWD discounts whenever you go.


Quote #1:

Don’t misjudge us as a wrong person, but treat us with tender with love and compassionate with care. Help us to understand and we love the way you count for us.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I don’t act alone where I am going. I’m always praying with Him above, our almighty creator. Whenever I ask Him, I always take prayers whenever I am going. But some people treat us not behaving as a normal person. They rarely take us to a good community. But sometimes, they take you advantage also. In my part, I’ve discovered that life is not easy as it is. In networking company of UNO and VMobile, they always say abnormal are really getting to success to be rich people. Take them for not granting to use other terms.


Instead, these networking companies should learn not to use abnormal word because it is really taking us down. I may not know this from the start but I’ve realize that I have to step out and redo what I can do to my life instead. Society also have to aware about this situation whether you like it or not. Because other companies have rarely give us the opportunity to give discounts and privileges also. They make to intend helping us. Others are not because they are treating like they have a bad behavior. I may be not as a perfect human, but I always think at the back of my head that I could also live normal as anyone does.


Living independently being with Down syndrome takes time to build my character. I learn how to forgive and I learn how to not to say any words that comes out from your mouth.


Quote #2:

Don’t treat us as a different. Love us with mighty heart you have and acknowledge us with your intelligence.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Love is the weapon to take care of us in our times of need. But in this situation of my life today, I have my first work that is really taking me different than from my other jobs. My three jobs before only lasted two months. The first one was when I used to work near UST where I was working in front of St. Jude Nursing School in Sampaloc, Manila. The second job I used to work was in Linden Suites hotel in Ortigas near the San Miguel Corporation. And the last job I used to work was inside the call center of Teletech Robinsons in Fairview in Quezon City. They were all only lasted two months. The first one and second one was from June to August and October to November of 2004. And the last job was from October to November 2005.


All of them were treating me as their normal companion in the kitchen. The sad thing part was when I left the culinary world on my back. I didn’t know how to treat my world before. I seldom took day offs and worked in longer shifts. I was always taking time one hour allowance before my work time had started. But when the world stumbled down on my side, I didn’t know where to begin again in my new work. I’ve waited for seven years and seven months looking for a new job but different work environment. I already have had on my own business which it was the cellphone loading business which it took me for seven years and two months already.


Believing is one of the terms I’ve learn in my life that I can also work in different work environment. One of the toughest problem I’ve cope up with is the conditional term of ‘in-denial stage.’ Well sort of, that I’ve already solved one of my problems. Because with the word of believe makes me stronger. And everyday is a new start where you can work different from your days.


Quote #3:

We are sick and we don’t have longevity life for we are as a different in the society. Instead choose us to have compassionate to understand us, talk us in a manner of longer conversations and always treat us nice and love unconditionally.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


The hardest part to accept in my life was what I will become in the future. Or maybe I may not be as a perfect child, it’s the only vice-versa I really talk about. I don’t know why but I couldn’t help it. People treat us differently. They normally do whatever they want. Back when I was born, people have had taking time to study about what is really Down syndrome. My parents were in the stage that they have to sacrifice me going to the doctors, therapists and have session one-on-one. The world back then was only they have to introduce the new society as well. Disability before hadn’t seen in the past. It was only the term of mongoloid they knew before. But that term was a sensitive word. And so the world was changed as well. Instead the m word was to use, Down syndrome came in every shape in our lives.


I’ve high and lows in my life. I didn’t know much more of my childhood stories. The only I heard from my stories was to talk with my classmates before where I was still in elementary days before moving up to middle school and high school also. Middle school of seventh grade was the only time I was alone. Not all public schools could provide with seventh grades. But I was lucky that I have had studying in seventh grade although I was alone. All of my classmates were sixth-graders. Can you imagine how tough I am during my seventh grade? Seventh grade was pre-requisite year to introduce in high school. Middle school was different from today. The Philippines education today has change. The education now has expand K-12 education. Now they will experience about the elementary days, middle school days and high school days. But the new study says they will experience the new technology that is introduce the livelihood project. What can you do more about the education system? There are always hope and faith from the almighty creator above.


Learn to cooperate the new education system today and always have faith in Him. We don’t know how the education system would help us but to secure us to a brighter future. New set of new generations come in new shapes of life. We may don’t know what the future will come. But it will teach us to be stronger in compassionate way.


Quote #4:

I have no work to place or to study. People is always judging us by our looks. But they treat us no mercy at all. But we are sacrifice living being as Down syndrome.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


It is nothing to compare about me and the rest of the society of disabilities. We may not knowing how we are changing about the culture, but the history will change in our terms of our skills. Life as living being as Down syndrome teaches us how to be stronger. Each day it takes me to new set of problems. Each at the end of the day also teaches me how to say what we worry about. And the new way around also teaches me how to behave well. I may don’t know what other people could say to me. I don’t have work in seven years and seven months, but I have my back that I have my own cellphone loading business. Even at now that I also have work, it also teaches me how to deal problems with my attitude towards at work or at home as well. I work independently. I walk on my own. I teach myself with new set of problems that I can solve. But I can also how to treat people with that they don’t know about the disabilities. Instead, I give my respect to them as they give unconditional love for us.


Always at the end of the day, I’ve always take new set of quotes written. And I always give new explanations or stories I could share about. The language takes us time to understand but somehow it also teaches us how to experience in our day-to-day basis of life. And nobody knows as if they know me already if I am finish with my studies. And yes, I was already graduated from college when I have had my certification in culinary arts in culinary school. People was glad. People was amazed. And people have dreamt if the child or an adult with Down syndrome could reach on my point of my life. Yes, time will heal them to understand and time will open their wounds to teach taking care of the problems.


The new set of opportunity always teaches us how it will go in our lives. We may don’t know but the future will learn the new set of pace of its own. You have to believe and you have the power of conscience believing your child or adult with Down syndrome to reach one of my achievements as well.


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