Living High Colors

Living High Colors

Dreams are always real when you are doing respectively what you love most. Well, some other says it’s not real. Because they are not happy what they are doing. People love to give sermons. And sermons take longer conversations. When you are in Sunday mass, I’ve always listen to the priest’s sermon. But whatever it takes on me, I love to take the risks. Risk sometimes takes me higher level of expectations. Let me continue my journey what I’ve done the past week.


Last Monday was the first day of September to work. Having tired and a little stress wasn’t take me granted for nothing. Instead, I let the day flows for me. Honestly, I worked a little bit this week. I’ve already adjusted where I was working at the school. Most probably my boss saw me nothing to do, but I’ve always told myself that I have to keep going. Doing nothing part of the school will really kick me off the busy schedule. Despite the new location for the school’s move in to other location was really a blessing for us. Especially my teachers were working hard for their students. We gained some student. And most probably in the future will do.


Tuesday and Wednesday was testing me as well. I went home by almost 9 past in the evening last Tuesday. And also I went home by almost 10 past in the evening last Wednesday. It was a blast and I was very excited what happened last Friday. The Friday’s theme was the Buwan ng Wika (translated to: Month of Language).


We decorated our school in fiesta theme. And a lots to do kept us busier and a lot of activities will happen to us in the future. The new place kept me going. The school on the other part was near in my village. I just walked in the school and going home by only 16 minutes. Talking about cardiovascular program was really keeping me going healthier.


Without cardiovascular program, I won’t be fit on my job description. Self-health conscious is what keeps me going. I’ve always think at the back of my head that I will be more fit on my job. Whatever I eat in the morning keeps me energy the whole day. Talk about the health conscious at the certain age is the most-discipline I ever have.


Last Friday, the whole school program was a successful event held also in our new school grounds. We played our two native games. And we gave the activities that the children and the parents won’t never ever forget. We laughed. We scored. And sometimes when we needed to cry, we also shared our ingredients of success of this school history. If I never join in this job, the school will keep looking and starting to look for the applicants to get a job. I was lucky to have a wonderful job. In fact, I was enjoying this job description. Keeping me busy was a lot of tough situations even the hardest times kept me on the grounds.


The last part of Friday kept us laughter. The teachers, my bosses and I’ve shared the laughter throughout the day. We enjoyed so much we can even shared our laughters. Instead of going to other occasions, I keep relaxing at my pad here in my home. I always took care of my happiness level. And nothing will bother me. If it happens to me bothering my happiness, I will still keep believing that this life is worth of enjoying and fulfilling my life is.


Today is the part of living high colors. Don’t keep yourself tired, and always find happiness in your tough situations. It is not a simple task. It’s a challenge that will keep you stronger. Maybe for me, I will find more interesting events in the future. And I’ve always find amusing whenever I am interact with other special children or adults. In case you don’t know much more about me, read other article links below:


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