Books in the Making

Books in the Making

I wish I have something to be publish this year. My biggest project I have to make is about writing a book. When you say a book in the making, it is said that you have to beat the deadline or otherwise you’ll end up revising it again your whole book with a lot of grammars, subject verb agreements, etc.


A surprise opportunity I’ve sensing in my dreams. It’s all repetitions. The subconscious related dreams I’ve never had in my life. Well, sort of that I dream all about. The doors for entertainment industry will have to wait for me. Otherwise, I will open other doors to sort my purpose in my life. People will have to try to understand what’s the meaning of fruitful life.


I never have cross in my mind that I would do this. There’s no instant book you will make. It makes you keep ready for your life to unfold. But in a reality world, that’s a sad news thing to hear. Yes, there’s a lot of doubts and fears to recall I’ve read some interesting stories that haven’t publish yet. I have what it takes. But sometimes, it kills my dilemma where I will be going to publish my own book in my own studio name. That’s a real sad news.


On the other hand, society in other countries like the Philippines have sort of something issues. Well it has something you have keeping your alibis. But I don’t judge. It’s their decision to make. I have few friends, some of my life they’re really know me as well. On the other few things, people discriminate me. And I feel a shame to the them. I don’t feel judgmental. What I really want is to make friends a real friends. People have forgotten the fruitful of happiness. Their assistance of helping with others is another I really need to focus. When the world has to know about you, sometimes I stick to my niche. It’s not all about me in my studio articles all the time. Sometimes it has to make senses when you are writing an article.


Okay, let’s go back to number one rule: “Don’t make promises when you are contradicting your promise. You will always have alibis and dilemmas about this.” Sometimes it’s real or surreal.


The dreams will have to wait, and sometimes it needs a break instead. There is no shortcuts or exits in a reality world like this. Publishers, studio writers, copywriters, script writers, produce writers and name all the kind of all positions of being writers have sometimes takes time to do their task to fulfill their day. In the entertainment industry, they are not revolutionizing their stories like here in the Philippines. I want something to do with this entertainment economy. Talk about the politics, I try not to talk about it. Because it’s dirty and it’s not my niche to write about negativity articles. If I have something to write it down, I have an easy task is to write instead. When brainstorming takes place, the opportunity takes my place to fulfill that kind of job instead.


I write on my own niche of recreating book stories. Sometimes my niche of recreating books, it’s much alike in United States, Canada, Australia or Europe. Well, I like literature. Literature loves me so much. I write some interesting new topics. Sometimes new topics comes in variation of adventure, sci-fi, horror, and something else that’s at the back of your head. What can you tell about this kind of Twilight books? This kind of vampire-werewolf love story is sort of adventure with a love story. That is kind one of million girls would love to read. Others want to read about Hunger Games, or read about Percy Jackson books. New children classic books is starting to industrialize new titles such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Well, I really like those kind of books.


Back when I was still in my adolescence, I used to read about Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. But I bought so many books about Hardy Boys. Well, I really liked about detective books including Sherlock Holmes. I read a lot of interesting titles. The last book I’ve read about was The Graveyard Book. If you haven’t read the book, try to buy interesting title that suits your mood. I am not a bookworm, although I love to read interesting topics that suits my mood.


What I also love reading is a comic books. I read about Wolverine, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Archie comics and other interesting titles like Superman, Spiderman, Batman and there is more interesting titles to read about comic books. The sad thing part is that I don’t really buying all of them. I just love to browse the captions, the story lines, the graphics and the contents of a book. Because all of the comic books, I usually turned my head and watched in the television set instead. Talk about my niche of my interesting titles, it might really be handy in the future.


I’m a Filipino enthusiast reader. And also being part of that, I have my condition of chronic illness is called Down syndrome. It’s not a disease. Let me recall you one more time. It’s a genetically rare cases that is found in three copies of chromosomes. It embodies three copies of Down syndrome, and it’s called pure trisomy 21. On my part, I have mosaic trisomy 21. It also explains why I also love to write. I have two copies of normal chromosomes and extra copy of chromosome which it explains why I have being as Down syndrome. Don’t misjudge about my looks. Judge me about my abilities. Judge me about my attitude. But don’t call us the m word or any kind of derogatory words.


The books I’ve written unfinished are The Anthology of Firelava, The Legendary of Firelava, The Legendary of Fireice and The Immunes: Race to Extinction. If I release this four-part books, it will end the story of my main characters, Firelava and Fireice. There are other title book names I am writing about including Negaza, Ang’s Legend and the latest I am making about is the Riders. Negaza is much alike in Dragon Ball series, but it has different theme, plot, story line and the characters also. Ang’s Legend takes the place of werewolves, lycans and vampires. But it doesn’t revolutionize the story. But I’ve added an element of a dragons. Dragons are already in extinction. But Dragons manifests their ages and their skins in their bloodiest war. Their first story is battling their clan to another clan who are dinosaurs. Dragons and dinosaurs are much alike in their manifestation. Enter the vampires, the lycans and the werewolves in the story. Ang’s Legend is starting to unfold new part of breed adventure. I’ve been thinking this kind of adventure to revolutionize the story. And the Riders is about the world of technology of all mean of transportations from bicycles and skateboards to motorcycles, etc. And there’s a lot of division book titles I could dream about.


There are a lot of interesting and revolutionizing the new concept of titles. Well I am not kind of buying my concepts. Instead, someday I want to work in studio in United States, Australia or Europe. Returning back to the Philippines, I might applying this kind of concepts. Right before, I am afraid of working alone in other countries. I have home-sick attitude. Well, sort of that I have to change my attitude. Instead, I continue on my part in my journey.


Books in the making sometimes fusses me at the back of my head, thinking if I make it to my count of my list. This is rare talent or skill that I have. It’s not my immortal being about. It’s all about in my imaginations or brainstorming in the first place. Recreating or revolutionizing the new concept of stories is one of my design projects. It may takes time the whole project will come into another level. And the next project will reveal the soon as possible.


I’m not a perfect writer. I don’t use for other terms. I use it for my own good. And I use it for good purposes. There’s no easy shortcuts or exit in a reality world about this concepts. Recreating some new concept of stories will have to take time leveling up. I am not who you think I should be. But I will take time to use of my imaginations. Imaginations sometimes dream in my brain waves recalling what I write so far. I dream my characters would come alive. Or the story concept will come to blossom. It is never a design. It’s a classic and rare skill.


Love who you are conditionally, take time to pray. Even the mightiest word can take you to another level of imagination. Be simple and be modest.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


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