Reposted from facebook status: Reaching out to make love and understanding are the main source of making commitment levels and friendship. Caring and long patience are the secondary keys having with commitment levels and friendship. As they say, “love your friend with care and patience that you have to understand your friend.” Keep your words and it will continue you’ll been bless. ~Short article of “Keeping friendship”


Random thoughts: “A real friend will keep you company for years.”


A friend that counts in your friendship through thick and thin. Sometimes you may argue in your past years when you have had a little problem with your friendship. It exists in a way that bond from two or more friends when you have a little argument in your conversation. Later on in your life will tell that a friend never leaves you alone instead shares your thoughts in a span of years to come.


I may have had a little peer group back when I was in elementary and college. But those friends on my back were my real friends. I’ve created our friendship we had in years. But to tell you the truth honestly, I’ve opened my conversation in a manner talk of, “what will be your mind telling if you have a special friend, a real extra special care with special needs?” Those kind of words were amazing. And a lot of real friends thought have said it was perfect to have a friend like me. And the last thing I’ve had always at the back of my head was that I was an everybody’s friend. I’ve never crossed in my life creating enemies. Because those enemies were sometimes to be likely to become your friends someday. God created us. And He chose me to engage opening conversation like this.


Time will heal your wounds if a friend wants to hear your interesting story.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


It happened to me when my friend needed to hear a tearful story. When some of occasions, we’ve had a little of misunderstanding during our past times. But those were the days. Today was a different. People chooses someone to company who is right to understand them. Or rather they will be call as a close friends. Close friends need to have longer conversations in hours, or maybe in a week when you have to talk everyday with your friend. I somehow remind myself that some of my few friends stab me back. Ouch! But those are still my friends. I never got intentionally saying to utter some words to them. Because they are still my friends.


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