Toronto Highway

Toronto Highway

The vacation paid for my stress-free work when I traveled the other side of the globe which was the Toronto, east-side of Canada. I’ve finally see the world of traveling with my family. For me, when will I get a chance to traveling alone without them? That’s the independent question for me although in my life starts somewhere in the middle. At the back of my head says, ‘I can start budgeting my money and start a new life opening a new bank account.’ Otherwise, I will spend less in money. My salary was below the average of wage. But I don’t complain about my salary wage in the school where I am working. The only thing keeps me longing in the school is my performance and my happiness level.


Let’s talk about first about the salary wage before I return to the topic subject. The minimum salary wage is around 12-13k. But the amount you take home is around 6-6.5k per half of a month. Other says that it is way below for them. Those who have family already always complain about that. Good for me that I don’t have time to think at the back of my head that I have my own family. I’m still single. I’ve to earn with my dignity, patience and understanding. Working somewhere near to your place makes you time to think about your work. Well, of course, everybody notices that way. But not anybody could think that.


I learned from my sister when I went there in downtown of Toronto where my sister lived. The downtown said to my head, ‘I can work here for a better life but the only problem here is the weather.’ I’ve realized that I can’t work in a hasty places. But if you do working in a hasty places, your mind will go crazy. I’ve assuming that won’t work for me.


And the other one is about my happiness level. Happiness level varies from any kinds of level whether you are little low to a highest performance. I’ve seen myself when I started working as an assistant teacher in a school where my boss kept me for longer. Keeping me for fourth month, this makes me easier to think that I should continue for my resume details. So that the next employer would hire me, I would tell him or her what happened in my resume. Let me give you a catch. When you are in an interview, don’t be nervous and always be yourself. And the technique there is tell your story about yourself what happened really during your life. Working in a workplace environment, like I was doing in a school as an assistant teacher, makes you easier to work. So that whenever you feel, you tell your boss or your co-worker about what happened to your happiness level.


Happiness level varies the emotional side of your brain. It also controls your temper, your mood, your actions and your performance as well. People who have lower happiness level varies suiciding themselves in a situation, or varies in mannered situation. I don’t get it why themselves has a low self-esteem. Sometimes I do have low self-esteem but I’ve already surpass that. No matter how small the problem is, you have to cope with your problems.


Back to the topic subject, traveling in Toronto was breezy nights and cool-off days. In the afternoon towards the night was pretty amazing for me. The first week was preparation for my family because my sister finally married in the church. After that, we went variation tourist spots in Toronto. First was going to the small zoo. Secondly, we went to Niagara Falls. Amazing how God created the well-paid tourist attraction which was the Niagara Falls. I’ve finally to experience about the Maid of the Mist. Maid of the Mist will experience you traveling around the body of water which the falls sprinkle all the way. And I’ve find Toronto is a pretty nice location. Although I can’t really remember in the past when my parents always told me that I’ve been in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver before. But it was amazing. The only weakness I have was traveling and riding in an airplane. I do have fear of heights. That explained to me why I’ve been awake the whole trip back and forth watching movies and playing tetris. I’ve watched some 9 new movies in an airplane including The Croods, Monster University, Trance, GI Joe: Retaliation, Great Gatsby, Epic, A Moment in Time, The Mistress and other movie I really can’t remember at the back of my head. That was the back and forth traveling from Manila to Toronto and from Toronto to Manila.


The amazing I’ve experienced from the vacation was an apple-picking. My elder sister have said that it was Canadian tradition. I’ve to say that it was the best. If the Philippines has tradition of pineapple-picking in Mindanao, it would be the next travel destination of the Philippines. I guess the tourism in the Philippines should be level up to the next performance if they really have a budget.


Four common jobs I’ve to work in Toronto. It could be that I can work in the supermarket, St. Lawrence’s market, school and restaurant. But the first thing first comes in my place is to find some shelter, then find an organization to keep me healthy relationship in public relation. Here in the Philippines, it was Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines was my first advocate and it was my first organization that I’ve joined. I’ve also enjoyed watching baseball league between Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees. NY Yankees have won. It was beautiful scenario to have watching in a baseball series. Watching hockey game and NBA basketball game is my next dreams to have watch.


Next on Traveling with Happiness 2, I will be continuing to write about more in Toronto.


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