Discipline diet

Discipline diet

It is not easy to digest your diet all the time. It’s a matter of discipline what can you eat and cannot eat.


Here’s my 9 rules plan for first two months for discipline diet:


1. If you are going to eat not rice, just expect not eat more of meat but eat of course the vegetables.

(This is my rule number one. Well, I’ve started not to eat rice basically since 1st day of April. But here is what I suggest. Don’t eat two more plates. Just enough for your stomach needs.)


2. There are no snacks or break times.

(I also don’t eat too much of junk food anymore except I’m only after for nuts. Few nuts can help digest your stomach. It has fiber.)


3. Don’t spend time eating dinner or lunch inside your room.

(If you are eating lunch or dinner inside your room, you’ve to take fiber food to eat like vegetables.)


4. If you are program not to eat rice for a long time, plan for a long-term.

(I’m not eating rice since 1st day of April. In fact, I also look and choose what is best for me.)


5. Eat a lot of vegetables first or rather eat a whole greens in your lunch or dinner.

(It helps to boost digesting your remaining fat layers in your stomach.)


6. Eat a lot of fruits first or rather eat a whole fruits in your lunch or dinner.

(This is also the same in number 5.)


7. Don’t take late dinner.

(When you sleep before eat your dinner, it lessens your stomach to digest. But it helps to rest your stomach to regain your hunger in the morning.)


8. Stop eating high cholesterol food such as saucy meat dinners like Adobo, Calderata, etc.

(It helps your immune body to reduce cholesterol level.)


9. Plan for a long walk before eating dinner or breakfast.

(This is a perfect exercise in the evening or in the morning before eating a meal. It helps to reduce your weight.)


Long-term plan for discipline diet (5 months and more):


1. Eat oatmeal in the morning. Try adding fruits or chocolate to help eat your oatmeal. Oatmeal is in top 5 suppressing diet. And it’s also contain fiber. It’s also good for the heart.


2. If you love drinking coffee, only drink once in a day. Drinking more coffee in a day makes your stomach to palpitate. And it grows your stomach hungry.


3. Eat more of vegetables and eat less of meat. Eat instead fish. It reduces your fat levels in your stomach.


4. Don’t forget to drink two warm glasses before eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and also one glass before sleeping. Don’t drink too much of water before sleeping. It causes your stomach to hungry again the next day.


5. Read a lot of suppressing articles. Oatmeal, dark chocolates and water are in the top ten of suppressing diet plans.


6. Afford only a few time going to the gym. Don’t try hard for yourself. Do it only for few rounds.


7. Look a job that really suit for your diet needs.


This 9 rules for first two months and long term plan for discipline diet will successfully take good look for you. I’ve only lessen my weight in about 30 pounds before my sister’s wedding. I’ve shredded 30 pounds just only for five months. The first month gave less ten pounds to reduce. Then another month, it succeeded reduce my weight to 8 pounds more. At third month, because that I’ve already had a job. It reduced me for 5 pounds. At fourth month, it reduced me 7 pounds more. At this rate, the ideal weight I’m aiming is at 135-140 pounds for the height of 5’3 1/2. I was 180 pounds more before I started to get a discipline diet. I’m now around maintaining my weight to 147-150 pounds. But I’m aiming for 135-140 maintaining weight. Look for your age and body mass index needs for your diet. Body mass index is your BMI. And always take a good look of calories you are eating. Also plan not to eat in a buffet. I only take green salad courses or a lot of raw fish like salmon in Japanese restaurant. Adding spice more in your meal also encourage your weight loss.


If you need any advices, just ask your health consultant. My first visit to health consultant was during first week of April. Then I’ve visited again around last week of May. And the last visit was third week of August. Always visit your health consultant if you ever need their advices what not to eat for your weight loss program. Just don’t take food supplements. In my discipline diet, I’ve waived off my pocket not to buy any food supplements. And I’ve started to add eating oatmeal last September 14. Eating heave of three tablespoons of oatmeal with water or milk. It reduces faster your weight loss discipline program. I’ve to start to less my weight more back in my shape.


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