Believing is to seek new chapters to unfold.


When I was in denial before, I was not coping up with my decisions. It has to be sure in a long-term or short-term. Well I finally realized, I’ve opened my story to everyone to listen some of my stories. It proved my long-term commitment dreams. Well, I deserve to know that some of my dreams are well-planned according to my timeline. But somehow, I don’t see how many problems I’ve passed already.


There are many problems. Problems are hard to solve on their own timeline. Problems have challenges to solve on their timeline. But somehow along the road I take, I’ve always see and pray for my own safety. This life I have is not my life, but proven when God chooses you to live. I see always myself a burden before. Maybe a black sheep in the family I was before. In a span of 7 years, I didn’t have a job. But only the cellphone loading business had helped my financial life. Well, it wasn’t that really rich. I only took a road where a lot of hurdles to handle. Sometimes you have to take a risk.


And I always redeem myself that I seek to God. When problems sometimes is taking down you so long, seek Him. And I always do have a positive life.


Quote #1:

I always behave. But sometimes I also have mischievous that makes myself a fault.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Well, everyone has their own mischievous ways of naughtiness. But in my life back in my childhood days, it was proven that I was happier. Well normally what I always did before was making my funny faces in the mirror. And a lot of proven of mischievous adventures took me for a better life today. I was ready to go for another chapter, adolescence. During I was in my teenage years, it took me barely to get myself on my own track. My decisions. My promises. And my dreams. Well I’ve had taken a whole world inside of me.


When I learned after so many years, I don’t want to go back anymore of my mischievous adventures. And that lessons had given me proven a better adult. But somehow along in our life, we also hold decisions to make.


Quote #2:

Disability doesn’t choose to somebody else, it comes to God’s decision that makes special children with special needs.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I always take this as my positive notes. Well every child with special needs has their own unique talents whether you are good in something you are really have with. You cannot compare to somebody that you have already have. Don’t pretend that you can get it. Have your talent becomes your habit. And some of the point, my habits become my hobbies. Hobbies like I really like to write and share to other people’s opinions about me. It takes years to grow. And sometimes, I hold some of my dreams half real and half not made. What do you do about your talents? I always tell myself I already have it. And I have to use it for only good purposes, and not for bad purposes.


Quote #3:

Always pray for the good and not for the bad times.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Before when I needed to pray, I only prayed for my prayer occasionally. But sometimes it doesn’t succeeded that much. Only you need to know has to pray to be done. When you are praying someone needs your prayers, do it in your own heart. And sometimes, it brings joy exactly for you and for the prayer that needs the most.


Prayers like someone needs when someone is in the hospital for example, it helps your friend or the one you’ve been praying. It really helps me a lot when the time is needed to be done. Well, when you pray for the bad habits, it doesn’t work that much. Do it purposely when you need to pray intentionally. Pray for your heart, from the heart and their heart also.


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