It's Awesome!

It’s Awesome!

Down syndrome is not a fate. It was chosen that God gave us a condition. Somehow along the road, some people misjudge the way we look. Judging from our features: our facial, our body structure, our language, our voice or our behavior; it is not a choice. It is a genetically disorder.


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I always thought Down syndrome is something else. But I already overcame how good condition will look better outcome. When it discovered by Dr. Down, he really studied the condition of Down syndrome. It could be name as Awesome syndrome instead of Down syndrome. Because Awesome is better to hear from our ears. Well we only what we read and listen. But somehow along the road, for my condition, I didn’t choose it. It attached me.


When I was born and diagnosed from that condition, my parents kept it for 17 years. And that faithfully sophomore year of high school, I really remembered that my Biology teacher have said that I really have that condition. Along the way, I’ve sacrificed so much. Then after 13 years later, I’ve already accepted the condition and never looked back from my sadness again.


For me, Down syndrome is not only exceptional. I’ve call it still as Awesome syndrome, although it only brings back the old times before. And other abnormalities will be not for long to be tell. Whatever other disabilities may come way, we are still exceptional. Whether it has Autism, ADHD, Hunter’s syndrome or any other abnormality disorder, we are still in one priority group called People With Disability. Well, it’s enough to be said.


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