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(October 28, 2013

Seven years and seven months I went sacrifices along the way. I was sad that I didn’t have a real job that will describe me. Along the way, I’ve had three jobs before. None of them became long enough to take seriously. It was sacrifice I’ve made to choose. But sacrifices teach me how to carry your life. Maybe like Abraham Lincoln, he also made sacrifices. Like Albert Einstein, he also made sacrifices. Many scientists discovered nothing to have made new. And one chromosome teaches me how to carry is my sacrifice.


Lincoln have said, ‘four score and seven years ago,’ then I would have say the same thing. Seven years and seven months ago, I’ve had a greatest lesson to have made is to accept yourself. Choose one passion that you really have. And somehow along you way only chooses your path alone to have sacrifices. I may be not only one, but there is more chromosomes around the world aside from me.


Down syndrome is not a scientifically disease. It is a genetically disorder. Having with someone in your family with new chromosome teaches your life a new. And that new will teach your way to be stronger. And the mighty word I create is a big happiness. Why did I choose to be as not-a-perfect-writer? It is my passion. And I love to write in poetry before.


Now I love to write more in literature even better. I become of what I become today. Any other genetically disorder will be treating call as one of small priority group, a People With Disability. Like Nick Vujicic who don’t have limbs but he is still living actively with sacrifices. And sacrifices will teach your way to be strong. Strong enough to say that you are happy. Teach me how to get sacrifices. And that’s how I am today.



When I wrote this first, it came across in my mind. I didn’t know what to do. I, instead, did my brainstorming ideas. It was writing a new element across my facebook page and my blog site as well. It was just that I was using my blog traffic between social networks: facebook and wordpress. Well I got to say it wasn’t success, but it did.


Eventually, this idea came across tumbling after a hectic schedule I did with my school work. Yes, I was working as an assistant teacher. And being as an assistant teacher became my full-pledged working routine. I was able to comply from my boss’ orders. Then another across my mind, I did helping jobs across from room to room. I was challenging myself to clean the room, assisting special and regular children, helping the staff’s needs and providing the parents’ needs also to their children. I was happier to my working status.


Then from my ideas, I did increasing to do my photo messages from my blog site to my facebook page. It wasn’t my idea. It also chooses me. I don’t have photoshop in my Macintosh laptop, but instead, I studied how to use my new android phone. The settings had photo grid where all people gave their ideas to use for their another social network, instagram. Hmm, if I only bought my android phone before, then I would make more photo messages in the past. But it was my hardworking money when I bought my first cellphone android phone. And it was cool to buy my own stuff.




What is sacrifices to you?


Sacrifices can make anywhere you want, anyplace you want and anytime you need to buy some time. It takes time to heal. Somehow being as having with Down syndrome condition I have, it couldn’t matter to me anymore. Well, I guess there’s a space more in my brainstorming department.


Sacrifices is also made from experiences that you went through before. Whatever you made before, that was made you stronger. People always had failed to do their accomplishments, but on my part, I didn’t stop. I still continue what I start before. And that’s how it counts to impress.


What are your sacrifices?


My sacrifices came in shapes or accomplishments. It varies in many situations. I went experiences from bullying before. They were calling and chanting ‘sped’ name to me. And I was clueless before. When I found out I was in sophomore year in high school, then it was said that I went through experiences that before. So I claimed that was also part of sacrifices. My other sacrifices also came from denying my condition before. After with existence for 17 years, I found my condition that I’ve had Down syndrome. Then further in my life after 13 years, I’ve already accepted the challenge that I already had my condition better. And I said, sacrifices also made you stronger from my condition. People will follow me, listen to my stories and read my articles as well. In this part of my life journey, sacrifices like Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein would be even better. No matter who you are made to be, you are still that you are you. And you will tell them you’ve been through your sacrifices.


Did you have a girlfriend before? And did you sacrifice your relationship?


Yes. And it was made me even better. It only lasted 8 days relationship. It was tough between my ex-girlfriend and I. My parents didn’t like it when I’ve had my first relationship with my first ex-girlfriend. But it was tough when we separated. And until now, I’ve had claiming that we haven’t closure yet. We could go back together but it is hard to explain. People who have relationship in their partner is a struggle and sacrifice.


Did you have job experiences before? How many? And how did you sacrifice your job experiences?


Yes. It only counted four jobs including my present job as an assistant teacher. My three job experiences before only lasted around two to three months. It was hard and it was sacrifices. I did what I did in my job. But I found my happiness in my job description being as an assistant teacher. From being my profession in culinary, I shifted to digital career and then to being as an educator – as an assistant teacher.


Did you get more nightmares nowadays or dreams instead? How did you manage from your sacrifices?


Yes. I’ve had numerous nightmares before. But now instead of nightmares, I slept from my slumber sleeping good dreams. And that good dreams contradicted how many dream sequences that I’ve had now. And I went through sacrifices as well.


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