It seems that I’ve been working five months already and going on regular basis the next month. I don’t know what happens next. But I presume I like my job better than my profession job before. Although I didn’t realize at the start I could work at school, well I know the best place where I can I work.


Assistant teacher

Assistant teacher


People will imagine how I feel like independent special adult like Paolo Javier, last night I’ve been watched in It feels like that I am enjoying much of my own. Whether it’s not difficult job or no way other around, I will still seeking a new better future on my own. I misjudged my abilities. And so I was afraid to take it during my college days. And that abilities will enhance more improvements along the way in my life. People recognize me as a better person. And I feel like I really belong in a society.


Discrimination comes always around. Discounts varies in price description through transportation. The government always come in arguments in the supreme court. The natural disaster last month in Bohol was a disaster. And I hope along way in my road will open more chapters to come. I didn’t strive on my own as my parents raised me well. They put my feet together. No matter what lifestyle changes through the years, I will still keeping my own feet to walk or to run in a long road.


Next Happy Walk 2014 on February will depend how I will carry my own life today. Last Happy Walk 2012 was an introduction to me. It was new for me back then. This year, Happy Walk 2013 made a few adjustments in my life. I was keeping my feet on the ground and still walked on my own independently. So I was happy along the road seeking more happiness days to come.


And yet, I found a job consistently being as an assistant teacher. Well, I am not licensed teacher. I am not sure that I can do my 100% performance. But I will keep holding my attitude low and my profile also. So to speak, nowadays I have to be careful raising my own independently.


No one interferes me but somehow God knows better than I. He will keep companying me throughout my life.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


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