This isn’t the best time to write this journal studio. Well, perhaps I might be personally want to enter the entertainment industry in United States. Here in the Philippines, perhaps I might enter in the entertainment industry. But I keep my eye either of the two. Because in the America, you are entering the new age, the new chapter and the new segment to your life.


Yes, I might be sound weird to you but this is my journal studio. First of all, this is not an idea purely either to my blog writes the other days or the other months. I might be pursuing in abroad well to get paid and have to bring all my savings back in the Philippines.


I love English language. I love how to write in English. Well, I’m not English or American either. I’m a Filipino. Secondly, I am endeavor to change my world in the next four years in my life. Hmm…I might be sound interesting either.


To all hosts in America or to Ellen DeGeneres perhaps, I want to be include in your shows. Well personally, I don’t have television in my room right now. Because we are terribly having experiencing cable connections inside our house. How can you install the cable connection which costs you 5,000 pesos to install it back the cable operator, the Skycable owned by Manny Pangilinan. Hmm…but second on thoughts, Manny is manipulating all the Filipinos to buy the 5,000 installer of cable to have your cable back to your television.


Third, I don’t want to surprise all the hosts to read about my blog instead. Filipinos are Filipinos. Americans are Americans. Don’t discriminate the fact we are not different. We are, in fact, all human beings in the planet called earth. People misjudged some other people ethnic groups, religions or any other derogatory words perhaps. I might be not an intelligent. But I have a pure heart. Because I have what it takes.


Fifth to be honest, I have Down syndrome. Probably you won’t understand how I feel I want to be entertaining to all of you. When I was born, I was diagnosed with condition of mosaic Down syndrome. Later in my teenage years, I had to discover something different. And being different made you stronger. That was when I was in sophomore year in high school. My biology teacher said that I’ve had Down syndrome. I went home and asked my parents. But to tell the truth, it wasn’t good expectations after all.


Sixth, the denial stage came afterwards. I was expecting to enroll either of top universities in the Philippines like University of the Philippines (UP), University of Santo Tomas (UST) or De La Salle University (DLSU). All of them entered to my world devouring to me. Yes, I was criticized by my mom that I won’t able to finish on time. She couldn’t believe me that I could finish my studies. To tell the truth, I was depressed and frustrated.


Frustration came afterwards when I’ve had to graduate with a culinary certificate in a culinary school. In a culinary school of CCA or Center for Culinary Arts. I met a lot of people. And from them, I grew stronger besides them. My frustration have eaten me after graduation. I was expecting to enroll in music in UST, theater arts in UP or any related courses from both of them in DLSU. I was about to force myself studying more in entertainment field.


But not long enough came after me. It took me 13 years to realize that I wasn’t alone. Being having with a condition of being having with Down syndrome, I’ve proved to them I could change and surprise them. I’ve joined in an organization of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines last February 2012. And the fact was, in fact, that I began enjoying my life afterwards.


Living positivity in life is my number one strength. And believing in myself is also my strength. Conquering the fears having feeling I am alone was already gone inside of me. Something tells me that I am purely new again. Two years and three months, I’ve conquered my fears becoming a role model to all my fellow Filipinos, being having with as a disability. But to tell you the truth, I am now as an assistant teacher in Reaching Our Children for the King (ROCK) Integrated School. Full-time assistant teacher perhaps I want to be called. Something new is quite newer to me.


This is a quite journey for me. Having to realize what is important to me that I am a role model already each and every sides of being with disability. Last January 2013, I forced myself to support the organization group of Angels Walk. It was a group of Autism Society of the Philippines. I’ve supported the group of which I became a member of DSAPI last December 2012. And a set of new blessings in 2013 came afterwards later in my life. I’ve had a job now which it prolonged breaking my jobless in seven years and seven months. Then I was back in shape as well. I lost 30 pounds just to get in a job that suited me as well and now that I was enjoying in my job.


My chances in my wish list next year will be added furthermore. My next wishes have to be happen next year would be that I have to enter in entertainment industry in America and help back in my country Philippines to conquer jobless converting to have jobs. And my advocacy have added prior to my choices: the special education. My home organization, DSAPI and other supported organizations as well will change my life in fact to the fullest. I may be not younger anymore, but someday I leave my words to them. To have and to join with them, in fact, are my advocacy today.


Ellen, if you are reading my personal note, please take time to call me or have to record a new video call next time if you want to meet me. I want to enter the entertainment industry because I love English movies. In fact, that’s where my passion begins with.


**PS. Please someone has to send this to Ellen DeGeneres. I’m really appreciate for what you are doing to my wishes. Thanks and God bless you!**


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