Line to Heaven

Line to Heaven

Line to Heaven


Calm down, my friends

it shall never come back again

in a new chapter,

in a new life

and in a new tomorrows.


Well, shall we begin

to look forward and

we can begin the highlights

what we have doing,

it may come new blessings

it may come new hopes

it may come new gifts.


Tomorrow shall not wait

bring henceforth to new beginnings,

to new love of our bear fruits

can bring more offerings

from above,

don’t forget to pray

don’t forget to kneel

and don’t forget not to pledge

but to act kindness for

other’s needs also.


I shall seek new hopes

for better nation,

I shall not be a meek

when it comes for

new hopes,

but it overcome a

new situation to the day

it comes to be a brighter nation.


People are grieving,

people are starving,

people are unknown

to many emotions they have

and people are willing to give

that the day shall move forward.


I shall never be a thief

I shall never be a mischief

I shall never be unloved

I shall never be a sentimental

and I shall never be look

someone who is not willing

to give.


Be courteous

be friendly

and be always humble

for the kingdom will have no

end for us to enter,

we shall rise again

from a better nation to become.



It’s been six days already when people need it most: the food, the shelter, the medicines and the care for their homes. For what I have seen from television, countless people I have seen sleeping everywhere in Leyte. People are starving when they need it most to eat. Every hectares of land have been swept about our agriculture needs. How less can it be to become new hopes? Not only our entire nation is weeping and mourning to us, but it’s also become the center of everywhere you have seen. Countries are sending many shelter and food for every Filipino needs in the Visayan provinces. People are most matter to be need. And I also take my part to have hold for my prayers and for my beloved country, the Philippines.


Countless smiles they have shown to us, countless food are coming in and countless of joy they are smiling to us when we are giving relief goods. People are already needed to be most. I shall never be the one when I am before. But it’s becoming myself in tears of joy. People will remember us to be resilient, humble and smiles we have. And we are always kind for someone who needs it most.


Don’t come near to me, but instead come to the presence of Line to Heaven. It always bring more hopes, more strengths and more compassionate hearts that they need it most. Ask directly from Line to Heaven and He will guide more furthermore in the future. And for He has plans, He won’t forget about us. He will make a better choice of living that we are standing together as one and only planet that has breathing heavily in and out.


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