I never thought I can talk to special education students in University of Santo Tomas, Alberto Magnus Building a year ago. It was a year ago, 19th day of November, 2012, Monday. I woke up every morning talking myself in the mirror when can I have a work and the question was, ‘where?


I was talking one student who was a president in their UST organization where I met her in DSAPI Support Sibling group. One glimpse of dream could never been discovered. Or one simple piece of puzzle could have been spotted somewhere in my studio journal. And there it was, it was only my greatest smile.


And I delivered a short inspirational speech around 10 am in the morning. It was hot by then. And I was nervous by then. Just like Brina Maxino delivered many speeches in many occasions, but it was my first in my life in front of the students. University of Santo Tomas was my second university choice that I could enter before aside from my first university choice was University of the Philippines.


An atom is the smallest particle of an element that can exist either or in a combination but as an assistant teacher is the smallest dream in my life that can be achieved today. Wow, talk about the science. I really love science since I was in 4th grade until now. It was then I realized how my life was important for each student, teacher, educator, parent and as a friend. I have special condition being having as a Down syndrome. And I’m not afraid. I accepted with my honor being having with my condition.


I can endeavor my life enrich full of my talents: loving children unconditionally, helping others’ needs, entertaining a dance number, writing a hundreds of load literary quotes, poems, sonnets or even a songs and teaching the society the term of people with disability.


I seek like more Brina Maxino, who was only 17 years old studying in her first year of college and like Nick Vujicic, who was a year younger than me that he has no limbs – without a pair of legs and arms. I am inspired both of incredible personalities. To tell you the truth, this is only a beginning. And a beginning will never last to inspire you more.


My journey began after I’ve found out that I’ve had Down syndrome since my sophomore year in high school. I was never accepted my fate having with my condition. But to end my journey was to accept it with whole-heartedly. After 14 years, my journey have been reseted and began a new chapter of my journey. I’ve accepted being having with my special condition. Smallest dream after smallest dream I was able carrying to finish on time. Was I able to cope it before? Yes. To be honest, it was hardest to accept in your life. Whatever I will do, I will still continue what my dreams are telling me.


Assistant teacher001

Assistant teacher001


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