What would you understand if I keep chasing my dreams becoming an inevitable dream – an entertainer? Or perhaps, if I would join in the writing circle dreams? Or another one, if I would join with Disney becoming also an animator? What would you do if you have too many dreams you want to achieve all the same time?


Questions, questions, questions! if you are in the middle of the class and ask this to your classmates, “what is your dreams?” In my opinion, I would still care keeping to chase after my dreams. This would be one of a lifetime already in your mind. Every person in the world wants to be part inside of the television, radio or in the fim, of course. Inevitable dreams. Chasing like a cheetah would recommend to get a high reward for you. But then, how would I know if I already get it?


Answers, answers, answers. Sometimes there are a lot of questions to be asked. Frequently asked questions may tell you a lot of discussions to be read for. But then, how would I prefer my choices? Is it possible to get new ideas? Or perhaps brightest idea you ever invent and then, the brightest idea will collapse to someone’s doing it already for you. Ouch! It really hurts for you, for me or for anybody else. Maybe that is why I keep running around circles chasing dream after dream.


I may have a condition with special needs. Yes, I’m a special adult. Three decades and two years already to be exact in this date, I would prefer chasing in local entertainment here in our country Philippines. But in other countries, I would take a chance to get prove that I could do this too. Schedules are inevitable to meet the deadline. Submissions of everything you need in the table sometimes that your boss is quite well-tempered. She will grab you on your neck and telling you, “why on earth where are you living? And why are not finish yet with your work to me. The deadline is today.


Chasing after the cut’s dreams of hopes becoming someone on your place takes time to get it done. But somehow, I lost my way already. I spent writing for almost 14 years and 11 months already. Becoming a poet before with a thousand unpublished literary works on the line took me for granted. But after two years and three months of acceptance wouldn’t give me way either. I was also been in seven years and seven months already being as a jobless person. But how lucky I was turned to be that I had my cellphone loading business in seven years and four months for that I’ve had an extra income in my life.


Take that as a notes: 14 months and 11 months (poet becoming a writer), two years and three months (acceptance), 7 years and 7 months (jobless period) and 7 years and 4 months (business-related status).


I wouldn’t make a history if I can do that. It would be an infinite words to say that I still can do this even if I’m older already. Being older doesn’t make you stand in your way. It’s the new chapter for you and new blank pages will come on your way to be written. Plus a whole of adventures in your life will come peacefully and heartwarming. To this point, I would never leave running around circles chasing dream after dream.


What are my dreams? My dreams are already making history. Perhaps it is easier the best to wait. Surprises will surely unlock your wilderness. But it never leaves me something new in my life. What would you do if you have multi-talents? Do it purposely in your life and make positivity in your life. Without it, how would your purpose of your happiness in a first place? And it is a shame if you would leave a mark about your talent. I may have a condition. But I still never give up.


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