Sixteen (16) years ago, I found myself in the classroom studying in a biology class during my sophomore year in high school. I was relaxed at my chair dreaming when I was able to graduate high school. Because I knew in my heart if I’ve had ever achieved in a long term – graduation.


The Author 3

The Author 3


It was during 1997, the year of being sophomore year in high school. I looked like a star in the school. But I never realized something has changed throughout my life. I was never bullied when I entered in high school. But somehow, I got ended up in a isolated room with my homeroom teacher. At the end of the day, I came home late because of my behavior in the class. Every time I ended up with my homeroom teacher, I always asked myself, “what have I done wrong at the end of the day?


So I assumed it was different from the beginning. I was lost and somehow I always looked pale. But somehow when I faced in the mirror, things went wrong. Inevitable incidents happened so easily. But my favorite subjects during my sophomore year was science and arts. I also had poor grades on my other subjects. I was never been tutored with someone else at home. I always got low grades. Somehow I always mesmerized with my drawings instead.


All things everyday I always prepared and I always woke up early. Most of my siblings got up late and prepared for their school work to bring. Every day, we always went to Antipolo attending for my school work, where also my sisters came with me but different school environment. But I thought clearly at the back of my head I was alone. Something got hitting back of my head where I usually brainstormed what to do for my things to prepare.


Fast-forward in time when my biology teacher told me and asked me to go to the front. I looked nervous and already pale in the front of the class. She said, “your classmate has Down syndrome. Whether you like it or not, he will be successful someday.” And she was right. Being having with Down syndrome wasn’t easy treating that way. I have disability. But the word of disability or Down syndrome came across at the back of my head, I wasn’t coping up with my problems. I was terribly pale throughout the years.


Being pale, nervous and uncomfortable came together when I had to enter college, the culinary course I was studying in a culinary school. The setup was small scale of community, not unlike in universities had big scale of community. So I stood up for the rest of culinary history in culinary school. And I was graduated not having with culinary degree, instead I came home graduated already with culinary certificate in three years span studying in culinary school.


The hopes, full of patience and brainstorming had failing me and also fell down across in my life. I was worrying about my future. All I wanted before was to study in big universities with a bachelor degree. My life fell. And so my depressed and frustration came together also after my college life. I was never been happier. But being having Down syndrome after I have found out during my sophomore year, I kept thinking where I should go now. People will underestimate me. And I always fail to get stronger.


In times of frustration and depressed years from 2003 to 2011, many trials and problems came to me. I almost attempted suicide but my sister stopped me for thinking getting suicide. I also got experiencing having with a demon going inside my body and controlled me. My father said I never said in different language before. So he was the one crucifying the demon inside of me. But I was glad that I was safe already. My intentions grew paler and paler. So my thoughts at the back of my head went full always in a glass. I didn’t want more experiencing more problems.


After I attended networking seminar in a networking company last two years, thing has changed me completely. I have joined two networking companies but I didn’t want to join the networking anymore. Because it wasn’t healthy for me anymore going annoying-so-called-names like ‘abnormal.’ Months later, I realized that I have to accept my condition and asked myself again, “what’s wrong to have Down syndrome?


I have been in denial stage before knowing I was already having my world full of hopes, patience and brainstorming ideas as well. But I have never been cross at the back of my head thinking I was able coping all my problems before up to now. Two years today, all the blessings poured down like a rain to me. I was able getting my passport on my own, getting to renewing my NBI clearance and have registered to have PWD ID for my first time. And at the new chapter, new pages have been starting to write my history – to have getting back my job on my status.


And it was my first time on my job now that I was enjoying on my work as an assistant teacher assisting regular children to special children for the whole day. For my three months of my work, I always seemed getting to rev up a little. I have studied the child’s behavior because my two bosses were both occupational therapists. When I returned to the Philippines after I have attended my sister’s wedding in Toronto, I’ve received as a full pledge assistant teacher. In my first three months of my work, I was only as an assistant teacher only in special education class. But now, things got different. My daily routine became my part of my life already cleaning the classroom, assisting children from morning to afternoon and helped out my co-workers as well. I’ve never been so happier than my culinary status in my three previous jobs. And I’ve decided to get working properly according to my dream plans as well.


***What’s wrong to have Down syndrome?***


I’ve asked myself many times before during my in denial stage. But it seemed things getting a change in my life. I got my fourth job which it was being as an assistant teacher. No more dillydallying to me already and no more as slouch anymore have gone from my life already. And I learned so many greater lessons in my life from the time I was born and to the present times. I am still never giving up for my dreams to be successful someday. And I am hoping for a greater opportunity – to be as an inspirational adult to have Down syndrome.


Parents always have been asking me now, what I had been through my experiences to have what it feels like to have Down syndrome. Being part of being having with condition doesn’t take me seriously. But instead I am enjoying my life to the fullest whenever people feel to have someone in the community who has Down syndrome like me. I have grow circle of friends, new acquaintances and close friends as well. People will like me better if I feel happier to see me around working in a school ground making a lot of happiness inside the school. Parents have always seen me so happy. I was able to get frown easily when things I didn’t like. But the important one was to have – being as a happiness adult to have Down syndrome. So, what feels wrong to have Down syndrome?


In a new chapter in my life today, I always welcome new challenges, new problems and new worries to me. Because without it, I won’t become to be happy having a condition being having with Down syndrome. New people will follow me anywhere. I post new quotes as I’ve been recalling more happiness in my life. Because this is what is becoming me to able to put some wonderful some new posts. And I am glad to meet new parents with their child who has same condition like me or other such as autism, ADHD and other abnormalities. I’ve never been searching a new place to conquer my life. Being having a condition with Down syndrome takes me with a different level today. I love who I am and no one could replace or take my happiness away.


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