It might be daring. It might be interesting. And it might be a young-oriented post that I would to reveal my own dreams. I’m personally changing my dreams from show business to a new dream. Maybe if I follow my heart a long time ago, I would be nothing just like today.


My heart aches when my teacher has to leave. Occasionally, no. But personally, it’s a yes. In fact, I revealed to tell her that I’ve really had crush to my teacher where I am as an assistant teacher. Who wouldn’t thought of that? Well, somehow I find amusing myself in the middle of nowhere or I find nothing in all corners around the world. People believe that if you find your dream, you will be successfully stepping to a new dream.


What is my real dream? Me too, I’m still clueless up to now. My parents have decided to make a change. When I was in culinary field, I always thought about the money. But money today wasn’t my issue anymore. Because if you think the money, it would be a waste of time thinking too much how would you spend and budget your money wisely from your salary. I’m getting a minimum salary wage. But I don’t thinking that way at the back of my head. Some others called it was a hoax. If you think that way, then you’re wrong.


I’m assuming when you work in a right place of work environment, you will find happiness in your life. But to tell you a truth, people can’t change the perspective of other people’s mind. People are people and human is still a human. But I don’t know how it will be thinking that way at the back of your head and saying it’s a hardest thing to do in your life. But yes, somehow, you find it difficult in your own way.


Nearly six months in a few days, I am thinking a better solution in my life. Maybe I go for vegetarian mode. Because I’m beginning to feel to eat vegetables properly in my nutrition diet needs. When I am eating meat whether it’s chicken, pork or beef, I call it a ‘meat day.’ Because your body still needs protein in your body. But somehow along a way in my life, I am beginning to feel like a vegetarian. I often got successfully rid off the meat in my nutrition diet. I’ve already surpassed two days to a one-week vegetarian mode. All of a sudden, at the beginning of new year that I will resume to prolong my life eating as a vegetarian.


Back to the topic as well, what is my dreams to be followed? Modeling is a high profession in the industry. Maybe I can try that as well. Ambassador? Why not? I’m always aiming to have my dreams come true in a different ways of living passionately in your life. People can change it too. When Brina Maxino will be off in Special Olympics participation, I am aiming the next Filipino ambassador aside from her. Who knows that who could tell? It’s too early to be forecast. But I am willing to do it on my own if I can add my work experience in my resume as well.


How about entering a new design of technology? I am not an IT expert. But I can manage to keep it up with my skills in computer. With my multi-media skills that I can use, computers are not as easy before or difficult. It will be up for me in the coming months or years, maybe.


What is my new dream? My dream is to become motivational speaker. In a way of practicing my skills in writing my article posts, I am now practicing to memorize some of that I’ve written already from literature and inspirational notes as well.


Assistant teacher002

Assistant teacher002


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