It’s finally reached at the highest mark of my job description and changed my entire resume. My outline today is regular employee. I’ve been dreaming about getting a regular job someday. And I did it on my best where I didn’t get easy jobs before.


Assistant teacher 003

Assistant teacher 003


Even my favorite huggable student has left from the school when the classes were over. But the classes are not over when she leave the school. I’ve been promising myself to visit her again but this time, in her home in the future. I’ve been crying last night and today also. I’ve been wondering what my tears say all about for me. But the good news don’t get me wrong.


I’ve been staying, enjoying and disputing my excitement everywhere here in my status: regular employee. But I must say no matter what my salary says in my resume doesn’t matter to me. All I want is a regular job. And I prove it in by making a history. It all tells the matter where I can stay and work for choosing a job before. It brought me back before when I was applying other than my three previous jobs before. I even didn’t get finish my second course – digital course. It made no sense before. But now it broke my tears today.


I’ve been sharing all my life with my success growth. But all I can say is growing up to be responsible person in each and every way in my life. New parent always asks me where I can get all my happiness. My answer is that I am getting my happiness from your child. Because the child is the one who carries more happiness than anyone else. But seemingly I don’t want to get assuming this so far.


New students as well, there are more students gaining in our school premises today. Even though we’re not look alike. I have mosaic Down syndrome. Each one of my characteristics still stay in my feature – my ears, my tongue, my hips and my legs. But my face isn’t normal with other similar conditions.


People says that I don’t have Down syndrome. But each time I said to them, I still have few characteristics of being Down syndrome. Then later on, they realized already about my features. People may deserve to know what I am doing today. But now I am proud to have a regular job. Today’s a wonderful day. And each wonderful day teaches me how to stand independently on my own. And I carry all my life to be the best.


Is that all makes sense? If you are correct, then let me now. If I am wrong, then also let me know. There are difference about correct and wrong. Sometimes I make perspectives wrong about myself. My two bosses are my friends now. Each time I laugh, they also laugh. Each time I make some funny comments, they laugh. Each time I bring my happiness inside the school, all the parents, co-workers and of course, the children come inside. I also bring some happiness to everyone. This is one who makes my day so far.


It’s the best job I’ve acquire in my job description today. Someday I also want to follow my grandmother’s footsteps – to become teacher as well teaching my subjects to them. But it seems that I’m relying on my weakness subjects. My strength subjects are science, arts, english and elementary math. But somehow the history also makes prove the best for me. All three subjects are normally my poor grades before and now it become my favorite subjects. But I seem relying too much from my perspective mind at the back of my head. And each time I’ve encountered is a little fortunate to my little ideas at the back of my head.


What it feels to be like a teacher when you’re not expecting? It feels good to be happy all the time.


And how it feels to be around inside the classroom? Excellent.


Being as an assistant teacher and being having with a condition of Down syndrome is the greatest gift in my life. It considers me making a new history in the map of Philippines and the same way goes to my life also. People will discover how the greatness becomes happiness of all time. What do I get? It is to become optimistic and limitless person. That’s why.


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