When I published my stories of How I overcome Down syndrome, Why Down syndrome and What’s wrong to have Down syndrome that posted in my studio journal diaries.


After three successful different pattern stories, this time I will tell you how I feel from my friends. When I asked my new friends in a new place that I met them, what would you have feel if you have a friend with Down syndrome?” My instance at the back of my head if I could give them a right answer. But at the end of the day, they asked me again. And I’ve accepted whole-heartedly being having with my condition of Down syndrome.


Melissa Riggio who also has Down syndrome just like me. But I’ve managed to overcome my mind about having my condition throughout my life. And I know how I will explain what the world Down syndrome is meaning all about.


I have mosaic Down syndrome. And being as a mosaic Down syndrome, two pairs of chromosomes are normal but another extra chromosome which it contains 47 chromosomes and why it has an extra chromosome in the first place. Which it is only mean that I really I have Down syndrome.


Then I’ve asked myself again when I got my first PWD card (person with disability), I saw upon myself what the term of chronic illness is.


Chronic illness is the long-life disability in your case to case scenario. Which it means it can’t be off with me. It only means that I still have chronic illness is. But at first, when I heard about chronic illness, I’ve started giving myself having with a strict diet. I’ve been doing since 1st of April without eating a rice. And I’ve been practicing before with three times already. They were successfully. But at my fourth time I’ve given myself a strict diet, I’ve begin to have giving myself being also a vegetarian. I’ve never done that before. Salad is always my favorite meal every time I eat and also goes to vegetables.


But to tell you the truth, chronic illness to me has gone to my mind. I only remind myself that I have to put myself enjoying my life. I don’t have other illnesses.


To date today, I have a work and I work as a hard worker. And I work consistently. I also have passion to the children which it’s my duty serving, assisting and helping regular and special children in the school. Here in my work, I am happier than my three previous jobs. And I love my new community as well – to parents, to my bosses and to my co-workers as well.


Those who also have same disability like me


Now that I’ve accepted myself with being having as a mosaic Down syndrome, I’ve overwhelmed when I speak my success story to new parents I meet along the way in my road. What’s the meaning to have condition like me?


It’s just to be like you as normal as everybody does. I love drawing, singing mostly, dancing mostly, writing and directing some animated short films. Or maybe I also want to try some other options as well – to become as an ambassador to Special Olympics or in the country also.


Work environment


My work place is different setting, different job description and different passion. My other three job descriptions were in the field of culinary. But I’ve never enjoyed inside the kitchen. So, what’s your passion? I’ve also been thinking someday if I can cook again. To tell the truth honestly, I miss cooking in the kitchen and practicing with my knife skills and culinary-minded also.


I also landed to get a certificate in contact center agent in training program. And I’ve successfully got it within 13 days. My attendance was perfect. And I didn’t know my english will getting improving. At the back of my head, I’ve been practiced trying to complete sentence to perfect sentence throughout my life. I am not a good writer to tell you a truth. But it seems I’m telling a story already.


Dream job: Dancer / Artist / Songwriter / Photographer


I’ve been dreaming to get in entertainment industry in a long-run dreams already. And I think it’s my long-term dreams to get attaining my dreams. I really love to dance and follow all songs I love to hear. What’s my passion? I also love to write poetry. Poetry means a lot to me since December 1998. And I’ve made a hundreds of poems, sonnets, songs and stories to date itself already. To added, I’ve also beginning to like writing quotes and making picture quotes as well.


One day in my life today, what will my world looks like in the future? Would I still continue to dream as a dancer, artist making animation short films and at the same time, photography? There a lots to me doing actively in my life today. And I’ve earn buying my first cellphone in my life – android phone. It was my first hardworking money.


You see yourself but what about me?


I see around myself everywhere in the world already. But I want you to know that you don’t have a right to look at me having with a disability. Look at me as a normal person. I am always happy to get around with my friends, my family, my relatives and looking for a girlfriend today.


Don’t look at me. Look at me as your friend. And I’ve always want you to respect me. Having a condition with intellectual disability doesn’t mean stopping you to be friends with me. Think and hold your thoughts.


What is Down syndrome?


Down syndrome is an intellectual disability in the Philippines. Around 500 to 1,000 babies in the Philippines are born each year. A person with Down syndrome has 47 chromosomes. A normal can only have 46 chromosomes. Extra chromosome is an extra care, full patience, capacity of understanding and a lot of love. Physical characteristics of a Down syndrome has similar structure in ears, slant face, tongue, slant body and other characteristics as well. Down syndrome has a nature of being as down-to-earth attitude and can manage to give you a long happiness in a day. Those who are similar with Down syndrome have unique characteristics and unique intelligence.


In the nutshell


If I leave this world behind me, I want everyone has to focus not only being as a disability, but I want the whole world to look me as a normal friend who can chat with you all day, have a long walk and have enjoying your life. Being having with Down syndrome in my life is not my weakness anymore, but my strength is to give everyone to understand what it feels to have disability in the first place. I want to live longer if I can. Each of us with Down syndrome live long-life individually. It’s not a comprehension whether you have a short life span or a long life span. It’s about a legend who gives a true meaning of Down syndrome – being having with an awesome syndrome.


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