I appreciate my life today whole-heartedly as well. But consuming my time writing down of an article sometimes I often thinking at the back of my head, what will happen for me incoming new year of 2014? Is it possible to do your dreams when you are in the right track? What can I do next? My life today is being as an assistant teacher. And there’s a new special education teacher as well in the class. But I am going to say that there are more people who are willing to teach us in a real world also.


With my loading cellphone business on my back, my other option for opening business as well is also my concern regarding to my work. I don’t know if it will conflict my schedule next year. But I have to know and work it well starting in January 2014.


The plans are starting to open so soon. My greater opportunities are starting to pay me well next year. And that will be opening a new job details in my job position as well. I’m putting to make a banner for Angels Walk 2014 and Happy Walk 2014 in January and February respectively.


A new book sometimes opens for a new possibilities in life. When you say a new book, begin a new life and open a new discovery early next year.


Angels Walk 2014 will begin in SM Mall of Asia music hall on January 19, 2014, Sunday morning. The Angels Walk only participates in the morning from 8 am to 12 pm. And I am sure there are more to come years that I will support the Angels Walk. Because when a person starts to invite me, my opportunity will grab instantly to support and to share the secret story in life also. And why is it called an Angels Walk? It’s because you have to ‘Be An Angel for Autism.


Happy Walk 2014 will also begin next year on February 23, 2014, also on Sunday morning to afternoon that sets a schedule in a daytime program set by the organizers. Happy Walk is a walk for those who has Down syndrome. And why is it called a Happy Walk? It’s because you have to ‘Step Up For Down.


Both Angels Walk and Happy Walk does to do it every year. Angels Walk is from Autism Society Philippines who celebrates 25 years already in the Philippines history. And Happy Walk is from Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines who celebrates 22 years already. DSAPI started way back on 1992 but the ASP started earlier on 1989.


I have no motto already today, because there are numerous times already that I posted a lot of quotes for being having posting a motto in quotes. Mottos are also being written in quotes. Whatever I do, I begin a new life and open a new discovery.


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