There are numerous cases that the scientists bring more sensitive cases like Down syndrome who is willing to abort the disability. Their ability to know has to get it off. My opinion about for the doctors, don’t let it abort. Let the disability of Down syndrome approves in life to live longer, doing their lives independently and learn their self-care around the house. People with Down syndrome has prove that everyone is going to give more love, care, understanding and teach with them with full of unconditional love.


On my experience today as I am an assistant teacher in the school, I also have Down syndrome. Mosaic Down syndrome. And I’ve realize how I am important to my family as well. There are many discrimination cases around the nation of Philippines. Whether if a person has a disability or not, they should know how to respect and to honor like them. Now that I am aiming for a better world, somehow I feel the cases around the nation as well.


I have few friends with a disability. But to tell you the truth, with them I feel secure to tell them my life. And my life somehow shares my thoughts to be tell them what the world looks like when you are stepping inside the real world. But I feel for others too. The world has already in four billion population around the world. And there is no stopping to have be born around the world without a disability. Even in a bible says that even before has also disabilities. Well I thought it wasn’t real, now I was even more careful what I’ve had to say to other people, too.


Sadly these people has to create more illness words for us. And discrimination is also the main concern about the world’s thoughts. Can you say how you really acknowledge us without hurting a single word for us? Or even if this says it’s right, then I guess there’s no problem anymore. But sometimes, I feel the same way too at the back of my head thinking it’s not real. I guess there are more unimaginable people around the world without thinking the word of a disability.


Like ADHD for example, there are many kinds around from the field of ADHD. When I found out that my brother has ADHD, my lips are sealed already. I don’t want to bring an issue inside the house. I learned from my work even the ASD or anti-social disorder has the field of explanation. Whether is good or not, I feel for others as well.


Quote #1:

There are many reasons why the disability can’t be closed around the world. Without a disability, we can’t change without them.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I have seen a lot of parents change their child from wrong to right. And I also met new parents when I entered in the school for my new job description in my resume. It only began changing my world with the kids in the school. I also have a heart for autism also. But I don’t have favoritism from all of them. Each of them has own personalities. One kid from a school change my life when I see them having difficult to understand us. But somehow being as a disability has a big heart.


Whether it’s Down syndrome, ADHD or autism, there are all alike each other. Because one of them has own unique talent and characteristic trait also. One of them I met through the school where I was working. It’s about time to change the reality full of doubts and fears into full of surprises and full of positivity sides. Each of disability also has love of their own lives.


Quote #2:

One has to be hated and one has to set side because he or she has an attitude. What’s the matter being as a disability? People with disability can change you half of your life. And they are living sacrifices before us.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Attitude is not a problem for a kid or an adult with disability. But with an attitude in real life consists having no heart for people like us. People with a disability has own character. And I also have own character. But sometimes I don’t like my attitude as well when I feel different to others. It’s all because I also have a behavior problem in my life. We all have behavior problem. But the main concern there, it’s about who you really are. And I feel belong with disability rights as well. And I can’t figure out what I really like the most.


Being sensitive is also my concern. But sometimes even with a sensitive mind in my life can’t change that well, but I learn in many different ways to achieve some important lesson in our achievements in our lives.


Quote #3:

I hate people who are crowded to say that you’re not belong here anymore. Being despite that I have Down syndrome, people convince me to register them in good manners.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


What I really do the most in my life is to write something good from bad experiences in my life. Instead of making good and positive articles, sometimes I have to put some few negative derogatory articles also. Well, sometimes I don’t my attitude as well. What I really mean to say is, what you are doing good to your life, it will reward for you in the possible time.


I can do something every little in lives when you’re really a deserving person. In my case, I don’t have one. People who discriminate to other people often tells how we can drive them in good manners. And I also don’t know a word how to describe them either. It’s either how you can communicate in a good way and not in a bad way.


Quote #4:

The main ingredient in our lives is unconditional communication. But some others don’t call unconditional communication but concerns us even more.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Communication is a better tool to appreciate people with disability. Whether it’s ADHD, Down syndrome, Autism or other abnormalities as well is the main ingredient in our lives. Because each of them has own to understand them very well. But the condition sometimes grows the concern in our lives. How can we teach them properly? Sometimes, I call it an unconditional communication. Unconditional communication is something I’ve discover recently when I am learning some new ideas as an assistant teacher. And being as an assistant teacher, there’s a great teacher. And a great teacher is very noble profession in any countries as well.


Unconditional communication brings more concerns to every new parents and every new family when someone in your family has a disability. One parent to another parent is sometimes arguing to a heated conversation. When a heated conversation opens up, the unconditional communication opens up in a shorter way or a longer way to explain between two parties as well. You don’t have to be angry each time you open up in a conversation. But you have to be calm every time and have to be patience as well. When you have a patience in your life, you will discover in your life that you have a self-patience in your life. And you have to start today, not tomorrow but today. Change is sometimes a motive to motivate your life with full of positive notes and being as an optimistic also.


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