Things are not easy or difficult today. After delivering 1,000 sets of poems, sonnets, songs, poem stories and even quotes, they were already infinite numbers already that I made into this date.


What’s 15 years now?


15 years now is my anniversary today. And December 10, 1998 was the day that set me into a bigger dreams today and have had bigger responsibility to make a studio name.


What’s the original name before?


The original name were Cobalt 27 and Excess 48. But I’ve made my studio name before in before moving into another new platform, is my new home today and has different pattern levels from But I’ve managed to write few articles before in blogspot. Then after, I’ve shut it down and let it cool for 9 years. Then last year March 16, 2012 was my first month of writing down the articles. And I was still remembered what I wrote for my first article called, Expecting the unreal world. The article was shown related to the introduction thus I also released World of employment for the second article I’ve also made for the day.


What’s a small step turns into bigger dreams?


A small step to my dreams before was making airwaves to have getting into entertainment industry in the Philippines. But my small step now turns now into bigger dreams. And the bigger news is that I’m also aiming worldwide if I make to be on top of publishing house and create my own version of writing a set of stories, quotes and literature poems, sonnets and also making into songs.


Other my bigger dreams are helping the Down syndrome awareness around the world, making the disability to have work into their lives and helping hands with other countries which they don’t have sufficient food in their country. What’s a goal? The goal is getting to be an ambassador. That’s a bigger idea and a dream already.


What’s next blessing will come?


I don’t know which blessing will come, but I have to wait. It’s worth to wait and wait but not getting to jump into conclusions that I know already what will it come. So I decide to wait instead.


In the nutshell:


Itsmikki Studio celebrates every January 1. But the anniversary date is on December 10. The facebook page said it was on July 4, 2012. And so the history will remain continue making new pages and new chapters.


ItsMikkiStudio Literature also sets on December 10 when the day sets opening new stories, new pages and new literary works where it begins a new chapters and it is also opening a new books. Itsmikki Studio: First book is already done. But the Itsmikki Studio: Second book is still ongoing.


What’s new?


I’ll release the new sets of literary quotes soon next year. And I hope you will wait for me to read more of my quote stories and also the quote poems.


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