I have no ideas where I will get new inspirations when my special education teacher is leaving so soon. The replacement has already working with us already. And there’s another new teacher inside the school. What if our friend has not to go in America? What if she doesn’t want to finish her work with us until March? What if the chain hasn’t stop us to change the good settings inside the school? All of these questions are too much to ask at the back of my head.


Then at the this point, our special education teacher has already settling leaving few days to go now. And the replacement of special education teacher is somewhat I’m not enjoying her company. Boy, time really goes by and fly by itself. The months are already been off in the calendar. And it’s almost finish for the rest of the year 2013. And the incoming 2014 is getting under way on its new level.


And we also have another new teacher which it’s preschool teacher. They are good teachers. But sometimes I miss the point missing two teachers have already pass at the time of height exchanging new teachers as well. But I don’t what to say to the two teachers.


I don’t want to name some names or putting their revealing the names inside at my article I’m writing about. To tell you the truth. What if time will not buy moving forward? What if time has to stop so I can have chatting with her a longer time? All of these questions are also made to have setting new answers. But sometimes at the back of my head, what can I do to stop her not to leave? I may forsake not to leave her alone with my side. And maybe I don’t know.


Sometimes, without knowing it, fearing it or doubting it, I will always ask questions inside at the back of my head thinking what moves should I do. To tell you the truth, the two teachers have no inside qualities to me after all. But this girl proves me providing with her knowledge for these kids also. I also love these kids. But in my heart alone, without this girl I know. There’s nobody I can share my inspiration with her inside at the back of my head.


What if she doesn’t need to leave and have to leave so soon? I can do something not losing hope with her. But I can do something with my little skills that I spare with my talents. At the end of the day, without losing hope is sometimes have to moving forward.


Moving forward is also hard to move on. But sometimes, there’s also an acceptance stage you have to carry out with your life. What if I really fall for her? Is there a chance loving me inside for her? Maybe these questions won’t bother this in the future.


At the end of this article, this 10th Assistant’s desk has already peak to its prime-time numbers. With 10 articles, somehow I already have to not write anymore if she don’t come back and work with us again. Hopefully if she reads this article I write for her. I really love you much even if I don’t know what to say really about for her.


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