Part VII: Being single

Being single becomes part an embody of a person’s single hood and deserves to enjoy.


What is it all about single? Becoming a single member in a family becomes a part life in a short term and long term of being single all the time. Me? I have relationship with a girlfriend before. But it was my parents who decided not to have with me relating to someone I really love and to have belong with. In this part of article, being as a single doesn’t mean you won’t marrying someone anymore. There are many in the society who remains single. Not that you think about the priests and the nuns. It’s all about you take the meaning of being as a single.


What is the essence of becoming a single? Becoming a single in a first place is not a risk. It’s a first step in your life you will able to enjoy the long-term of becoming single or in a short-term if you want to get married soon. Because for me, it’s not a time for me to get married so fast. When you have relationship with someone you really love for and fight for your love to remain with you, it’s not that easy. Sometimes you’ve to get closer with God. With God alone, the person who seeks love will love itself in a longest time.


I was getting in denial stage before and yet, there were many trials and challenges for me along the path that I can’t choose for a career. I’ve been shaking in my life trying to get fix all my problems alone. But I was also trying to make relationship with God also. Because it was me who have been greatly troubled and yet in the end, it was you that God has plans to prosper not to hurt you but has plans to get you fix in your troubled mind. I was having trouble seeking myself in the past. And also part of my life of my hindrance before was my condition being having with Down syndrome. I didn’t know how to fix at the end of the day. But it was me all along that will fix in a long-term life. This life we have is our borrowed soul and a soul that we must achieve something great plans He gives to us.


And why God is the center for me being as a single? Because I’m almost enjoying my life each and every puzzle of troubles, trials and challenges that awaits for me. For those who seeks more troubles, trials and challenges sometimes have deeper mind at the back of their mind. It tells me for a purpose – to achieve your goal from time to time. And yet you are the center in life that you’ve a purpose. Here are my five quotes and quote stories will help you to understand the meaning of being single:


Quote #1:

I hate to excuse for myself that I don’t have a partner for a longest time.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


You always have alibi all the time. And yet you also encounter many times for your hindrances in your life. What can you do is to love yourself first before you love someone you really love. It’s a first step to have a commitment you really have.


On my part, I’ve been also experienced the same way. I’ve loved so much for my girlfriend and I gave the price of being in love for her. But yet, there was an excuse. I’ve never been loved myself first. Instead, I seek deeper with God and find a good job that suit for my happiness. It is not about finding a partner. It’s all about you if you’re ready for a commitment for your partner.


Quote #2:

There’s no one else in this world who really loves me the most of the time.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This is also an issue for every each person around the world. Have you been heard about me? I’m not ordinary. But I am a special adult who has a special case being having a condition with Down syndrome. I’ve also been encountering there was no one else who loves me the most. My family loves me. My friends also loves me. My relatives also loves me. What else you cannot love for? Love yourself first before you love someone else. And enjoy your life being as a single.


Quote #3:

I want to get married as a young person and have to get have more children.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This is also an issue here in the Philippines. I have friends who wants to get married in a certain young age. And a younger age sometimes is already an issue for a population for this country of Philippines. Why? There are many cases but I won’t name some names about it.


My case about me, I will stay longer as a single as long I’m happy. And when the time comes and someone who deserves me most, the single status will become married status when the time comes.


Quote #4:

Love thy will be done, love who most needs you the most and love thy not seeking for another partner.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This is a serious cases around the world. And it’s already a sin says the bible. It’s a case of adultery and seeking more partners. In moslem bible, you can have more than three wives. But I won’t give any more details because it’s already a serious case. It might get hurt from you when I am writing about this quote and the quote story as well.


Quote #5:

Seek who you love, seek a thousand notes and sometimes there’s only one you’ve really need the most in your life.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


And this quote tells a different story than the rest of four quotes above. This is all about the Shakespeare that I’m reading about. And I love the sonnets and stories that William Shakespeare tells about his stories. But sometimes he also encounter the troubled mind he had with his wife, Anne Hathaway. This is a real story about William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway in their real lives before. But now you’ve seen the fake Anne Hathaway in movies who have many cameo roles in different stories, I’m ashamed that someone takes the name of Anne Hathaway.


But the quote says, “there’s only one you’ve really need the most in your life” at the end of quote line. It breaks my heart when the commitment comes around first. Because I’ve encountered first with my first fling girlfriend that broke my heart so easily. Then at the back of my head telling me it was not my life telling you about. It’s all about if you’re ready for a commitment. I guessed it was wrong decision for me after all. And it was also a great lesson that I need to learn about.


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