I’ve never seen my heart so happy when I feel my heart seems to be single all the time. But to tell you the truth, this won’t be the last page of Assistant’s desk. There are more pages to come to tell in the future. As long I’ve been working as an assistant teacher, I’m still who I am and what I tell about my life inside the classroom, inside the school and outside the school also. The sped teacher have been reinforce telling me that I only want to seek with her as a friends after all.


Yes, I’m not ready for commitment with who any girls out there. But to tell you the truth, on this coming day of Christmas day, it will be another Christmas year for me again. It’s about who I will celebrate with. And it’s my family. My two sisters are in abroad. And my family still lives here in the Philippines. What can I do to live normally alone with my family? Is there any chances to become in relationship with someone else?


No matter how I am single looks like, I am still looking at my heart whenever I feel anxious about with. The person should understand about that. And last Christmas party, the event in the school was great. The parents, the kids, the helpers, the co-workers and my two bosses were also enjoying Christmas event for the year. It was not only for our Christmas. But to tell you the truth, it will become Jesus’ birthday. People have seen the Christmas even happier.


But unluckily for those who won’t celebrate Christmas, it will still touch many in the society the presence of Christmas spirit. Christmas spirit from the past, present and future will tell you how you feel about Christmas. And Christmas is all about exchanging gifts and celebrating family reunion. A big family reunion is also about forgiving people who greatly don’t have enough heart to celebrate. And it’s time for a big celebration.


And last Friday was also been celebrating great. The staff in the school was stunning to enjoy the lent of Christmas spirit. What if the things turn around? Is there any chances that the sped teacher and I will become part ways? But I’m not sure. Thing has to be done surely and occasionally the deadline also has to beat the date.


I was surprised when one of my two bosses celebrated today because of his birthday. I’ve had enjoying the Christmas spirit. The essence of Christmas spirit is also been a heartwarming for everybody. And what about? When I heard about the book of A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens, I almost didn’t how the Christmas looks like if there was no Christmas. But the story will tell you the great lessons of being forgiving for those who needs the essence of happiness, the excitement and the eagerness of celebrating Christmas. A Christmas Carol is about Ebenezer Scrooge who a man didn’t believe Christmas and all he wants is his fortunate rich. But at the end of the story, Scrooge gives bonus for his employee. And he also gives the money for those who needs the most. And one day, he will be recognize to anyone who wants need help from him. It’s a great lesson indeed.


But in reality, there are many kind of greediness rich people who won’t giving their wealth to share their success with someone who really needs the most. It’s for the unfortunate people who don’t have money. Power, money and all about fame are somehow source of not giving when the Christmas comes around. Politicians here in the Philippines are somehow not kind of someone that I know. But I won’t name of some names here in the article I’m writing about.


The essence of Christmas spirit is something you have to celebrate about yourself, share your success story and give some value who wants to hear from you. And it’s not all about that. It is also time for those who have been not believing Christmas.


My end of my point of view is that it’s okay to be stay single, enjoy yourself having free time with someone you’ve enjoy with your family time and your loved ones. The relationship between the sped teacher and me has been stay for friendship forever. I don’t want to go down deeper for relationship as long as she deserves someone, the she goes for her commitment that the time will come. The lesson between of two of us has no commitments, but to stay in friendship level.


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