There are two possible things in life will change in my status – relationship or stay being as a single. There are no other choices in the world. Somehow along the way in my path, this year I should say it’s a blessing for me and for my wonderful life I have to give. What can you deserve to know better?


In my side, people would it say that I have to get it married. Soon? I guess it will be possible. But in ordinary days, I would give it a 60 or 80% percent to have a relationship with someone else that I would give my heart to. In our family clan, I am an eldest son in all cousins we have in a clan that I carry my surname with. Hmm…now that’s a stress for me already. Now that I know, I will stay single as long that I am happy although there are many speculations that I will have a girlfriend in the future. If the astrology says so, then I will have a girlfriend.


Love relationship? Or is it a marriage that follows after love relationship? What if someday I will be married to someone I’m really deserving to get married? There are a lot of questions still asked at the back of my head. If God persists giving me one, then I would allow to take care of my girlfriend and until then, we will getting married. Commitment is a long-term situation when you allow yourself to commit in a relationship. But a commitment sometimes allows itself to have a longer story first before getting into a marriage or relationship.


Being staying as a single is an easy task. When you are born in this world, you will start as a child. It’s a normal already for a child to have crushes to other boys or girls. When a child grows to be a teenager, then a teenager will become loving itself first then love to find a partner. Because all of us are getting to get married when we are getting old. But some singles stay forever. It doesn’t say that you have to stay but you have to decided for yourself.


Love relationship or being single is either way forms at the back of your head, a way of giving yourself in a commitment world. Or last to say, it would stay as a single or get a relationship.


Today is a Christmas, everyone. Happy holidays and enjoy reading other of my articles to read.


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