The Chinese new year of 2014 is a Year of Green Wood Horse. It embodies a career promotion or a new career will hold a great beginning for you this 2014.



Year of Green Wood Horse

Year of Green Wood Horse


What is your luck for Year of Horse? Does you have a career a better promotion? Or do you have a take what it takes you to become better human? This year of 2013 will end so soon in the 31st of December. But the real Chinese new year is still around February 2014.


My ancestors in my mother’s side is Chinese. That means I don’t troubles finding my own terms or definitions in Chinese translation. But I guess that I should study more in Chinese language soon. Because even I love my Chinese traditions, then I should continue what I really love for my life instead.


Did you know the year of Rooster? The Year of Rooster will come on the year of 2017. That means you have to prepare for another three more years. If you are born on the year of other animals, then you must wait. But you can’t rely on the bad lucks or good lucks. Because no matter what you are today, you are still a human. And sometimes a human believes in Chinese traditions around the world. The China today is already in billion in population today. But as of 2013 is nearly ending, you must prepare for your good will as well.


Quote #1:

Don’t believe in other people, instead make a believe in your will and your wishes instead.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


When you believe in other people’s wishes, then you are working in a different pattern of life. This means you are in trouble already. And trouble means something will get you trouble later in second half of a year. But it doesn’t mean you have to believe to me. You must be aware and be careful for you and for your loved ones as well.


I don’t believe in my wills before. But when I exceed my limitations, my skills are getting done impressively. And the skills I have today is getting used to it already. When I do something good in your life, then you are doing in a good track in your life.


Quote #2:

Work stresses you out from a longer hours, and not for your home stress.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I work for a longer hours. But I don’t stress my mind out in a longer hours. Sometimes a word of a stress is not my definition in my own dictionary body. When somebody needs an attention in work space, they are seems lack of attention, lack of understanding and lack of commitment. The preschool teacher we’ve used to have in our school. She had a lack of vision working to our school, lack of commitment and lack of attention to mostly to our students. Instead, she focused to her commitment getting married.


Her partner was a basketball player. But it doesn’t mean that her husband-to-be-soon was dating someone else. Then she must have to worry so soon to her child because she was pregnant already. Then again, it was one of my speculations and not from anywhere.


Quote #3:

Love doesn’t take easily in higher commitments, instead it works progressively in a longer friendship.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I’ve had been a two dozens of crush from the past until now. But none of them became my type material to become my girlfriend. But I’ve had a girlfriend already before. The problem was between my girlfriend and I was a friendship level. All she wanted was getting married so soon with me as well. But none from at the back of my head thoughts became not thinking clearly to have marriage contract with her. My dreams will be shattered if I have continuing my commitment with her.


The troubles came in last summer. But the good news came when I was been hired from my fourth job as an assistant teacher. I did all my best to become as an assistant teacher. And the best sometimes couldn’t reached as a full potential teacher. Because it has more roads to fill to become a teacher someday. But I must to study in a educational course in university instead. And also being a teacher is one of the highest professions around the nation and the world of course. Knowingly love can wait and the commitment also. You must focus to your work relationship with your bosses, your co-workers and commit with your friends to have a longer friendship in your other circle of friends also.


Quote #4:

Take responsibility to have being responsible person. Meaning that you are not fitted to become one, but you have to fill in to become responsibility.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I always have to cautious to become responsible special adult someday. Because I have many ways to become filling to become responsible special adult. I have Down syndrome. And it doesn’t mean that I have a hindrance against it. Instead, one of these days that I have to maintain my work relationship in my work environment, my emotions, my friendship levels with other people and to become also committed in church activities as well in the future.


My boss has been started inviting me of his church activities every Sunday. And every Sunday means a lot to him also. He has been not himself lately. Rather, I joined with him last Sunday. With him last Sunday, I was enjoying praising with God and singing christian songs as well. Well today wasn’t lucky, because I woke up late this late afternoon around 12:30 already. The time I was already been time-out. This means that I was irresponsible waking up late in the afternoon. See what I mean? I was irresponsible. To tell a truth, nobody is perfect in the eyes of God. Because you have to do it everyday as a responsible adult and act one as a responsible special adult like I do.


Quote #5:

Your personality describes the most good traits to everybody’s eyes. But none of other everybody’s good eyes has good traits, so better watch out.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Nobody is perfect in the eyes of God when I said in an earlier quote and I explained it already. But none of the personalities I didn’t like it was all about telling a lie. Somehow you must lie to confront one of your sins. And sins confront from demon’s likes they want from you. Tell yourself that you don’t like it. Because none of your friends will like you more better. Instead make a room for yourself cleaning your personality.


Take a church activities every Sunday and go out with your friends. And friends around you will treat you even better. Better personalities like one of the good apostles from God will treat you even more better. When I hear some of those quotes, I begin like to write one of a good deals writing my own version of building good stories. Like one of these good quotes turn to a good stories here in Living being as Down syndrome. It feels like that I’ve been writing for three months already. And I’ve been writing eight versions of each category. Somehow I feel what personality tells me about to write, but it tells you what is going on inside of you.


Your personality is a best defense to make ruling out making a new friends. And my field to become one, I’ve to build new life role in one – to become motivational speaker one day. To become motivational speaker someday, I might be one of successful special adult to become reaching out many stories in the future. And the question is, “what if?” Telling you a good stories will grow your personality even more better.


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